Thursday, July 30, 2015

7 Quick Takes: Of Allen West, Curriculum Sales, Planned Parenthood's Evil and Most Importantly, Good Friends

Welcome friends!
 How has  your July been wrapping up? Relaxation and rejuvenation, hopefully? It's been a while since I linked with Kelly at This Ain't the Lyceum  for some QTs.......This week around here?  Deadly news and busy day to day. Here goes:

~ 1 ~ 
If you still believe that Planned Parenthood offers health care, 
just remember, #lamborghinisareexpenive 

How about a blood red ride?   
<photo credit>

And if that ain't enough to bring even the most "pro choice" <gag> of us
to our knees to pray for this culture of death, here's a little more background on the
 week of shock, lies and cover ups

~ 2 ~

That pretty much sums up the evil.
The best things out there to read and ponder about the abortion industry's 
deceit and self serving ways ?
Matt Walsh's (usual) home run.....
yes, it's easier to be outraged about  dead animals.
than dead babies.


I was always a fan of  Moms' Night Out  and 
The Middle anyway, but that Frankie Heck
and her real life alter ego are both so darn likeable?
A win-win.
Thank you Patricia, for telling it like it is.

~ 3 ~
On the oh-so morally questionable chief executive office: 
All I can say is, Mr West, 
please please please reconsider running in 2016!??
Please watch if you've not already.
He rocks~~

~ 4 ~ 
Our summer travels!
Posts still in the works and wow, do I love sharing them with you.
The most recent ones in our From Sea to Shining Sea ( and back again)
 series, summer 2015, are here.
Sea World - San Diego, Hollywood, Death Valley and mooooooooore coming soon.

~ 5 ~
Used books at great prices!
Planning for the new school year?
In the market for some awesome resources are great prices?
Look no further than my curriculum sale!!
Latin, math, fiction, history and more, you guys
Twenty +  years of teaching and homeshcooling materials! 
Are you a blogger with your own books to share/sell? 
Please link up!!

~ 6~
Friends, friends, friends....
~ Bears and babies~
When the shock and outrage in the news threatens to reduce us to tears,
when the day to day requires a little sharing  venting,
 when good news needs to be celebrated,
when prayers are needed?
  They're there for us, aren't they??
I am blessed with many ...oh, so many.
Today, a few things to share that I realized I had not yet!
How did that happen?
My friend Sue, who lives halfway around the globe  and who I've yet to meet
"in real life,"  is as dear to my heart
as if she lived right here on the block and as if I've known her forever.
Sue has shared with me a memento
of her son, Thomas........her sweet son, who lived only a very short time.
Sue has collected and been given gifts of teddy bears in Thomas's memory 
 since he was born and died in 1999.
Over the years, many, many bears have decorated the Elvis home and Sue decided to share
these bears with friends and children's homes, 
once they were tagged with Thomas's name.
My family was lucky enough to receive Justin Bear, who carries a bit of a gum tree branch
as a label!
Now for a girl who grew up in Queens, a gun tree from the Australian bush
 is the stuff of legend!
Needless to say, Justin will be treasured by my family forever:

Justin says, "Hi," Sue...he misses everyone.
But we're taking good care of him!

ALSO----- my little guy, who enjoys crafting and sewing,
was honored to create a tag for another of Thomas's bears, which will
be enjoyed by a lucky family!

here's what the tags  look like:


By the way, go visit Sue's newest blog, Out of My Catholic Mind...
you'll really enjoy it!

~ 7 ~
My friend  Tracy has a way with words, as you can plainly see when you visit her 
blog.....but what you may not know is that the lady behind those five adorable kid - faces, 
the cakes, the posts of Catholic daily life and homeschool adventures
  really and truly is  a superstar friend.

For my last birthday ( which was actually several months ago!)
Tracy gifted me with a lovely  homemade creation.....


This gorgeous paintbrush with a perfect little message 
for me right here and in a lovely letter.
I have the brush hanging from my dining room chandelier, 
where it catches the light, looks stunning and reminds me of my friend
who went out of her way to recognize my special day...and this, when the day-to-day
crazy of her own life with her clan vies for her constant attention.
Very very generous, no?
I'm very blessed.....
Now since Tracy and I actually live in the same time zone and on the same continent ( ! )
we have a shot at meeting up one of these years!
Oh, and go visit Tracy today for cute shots of her littlest sweetheart's
second birthday!

xox Thanks for hosting, Kelly ! xox

 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!
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  1. Hi Chris! I'm venturing here for the first time (found you on the CWBN homepage!) I have a four year old and I'm finally lifting my eyes to the horizon of homeschooling sometime in the next year or so! Love that I've found another resource in your blog!! Blessings!

    1. Kate--welcome to my little corer of the web and congratulations on beginning your HSing journey in the near future !!

      I so appreciate your visit---- I, too, love finding new blogs to follow and I'm really happy that you stopped by! I'll be visiting you shortly as well!

  2. I'm so glad I found this blog :) I like the idea of Memoir Monday. I'm about to go check it out. good post.

    1. Thanks so much!

      You know, I've not written a specific Memoir Monday post in quite some time, though I do write "memoir" ish pieces a bit.. I used to really enjoy hosting the link up and meeting other memoir bloggers:)

      Looking fwd to visiting your blog as well!


  3. HI Chris! First, you are so kind to post about my paintbrush gift I gave you! I loved making it for you and I'm so glad you have it hanging in a prominent place in your home to remind yourself of your awesome-ness through life's ups and downs in mommyhood :) And oh don't even get me started about PP...A BIG UGGGGGGGH and so sad and frustrating. Way to go Patricia Heaton and Alan West!! That's hopeful! Take care Chris! Chat with you later! :)

    1. Aw, well, you did make my day you week, my sweet of you.

      Yes, so admire those who used their celebrity as a platform for good and for change! Definitely hopeful, agreed!

      Thanks for stopping over, Tracy

  4. And I forgot to say that I enjoyed reading about Sue and Thomas' bears! How wonderful and meaningful!

    1. I know Tracy.... ; isn't that sweet, how Sue is sharing Thomas's bears?? So many will get to know him/remember him. Love that!


  5. Looks like fun vacations - glad you had a good time!

  6. Chris,

    I'm sorry it has taken me so long to stop by and thank you for your kind words. (I read your post in my emails, but somehow didn't get over here to comment.) You are dear to my heart too. I am so glad Justin Bear has found a home with you. I love the photo! I appreciate the links. What a beautiful surprise this post was! Thank you! xx


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