Tuesday, July 21, 2015

From Sea to Shining Sea ~ Bat Flights, Caverns, Sand Dunes, Starry Nights, Orcas, the Hottest Spot on Planet Earth, the Blue and the Grey, Stone Aquariums & Alien Invasion~ { Road Trip 2015}

Welcome my friends!
Well, my loooooong blogging break is over and I'm happy to be back in my home sweet home! ~~~Both my real home and my virtual home on the web!~~~

My family did some extensive travel across our beautiful country and I'm so excited to be clicking away  in my corner of the web to share our stories! 

So let me tell you about that crazy post title and some of the places we've seen during our two week journey...about which of course, I'll be back  <<<soon>>> to share photos and lots of details...... 

The bat flight? Why Carlsbad Caverns National Park, of course!

They're also a World Heritage Site. More people visit as kids themselves and then come back to Carlsbad with their children and their children's children than any other national park in America. 
Carlsbad Caverns is waaaaaaaay down south in New Mexico, but highly visited and boasts the most amazing show in nature. Ever see millions of bats swirl out of their cave at dusk in search of dinner? It's remarkable and breathtaking.
Pictures are not allowed at the Bat Amphitheater' so here is one from their website:

Caverns?  Yes, Carlsbad...but Mammoth Cave  National Park  in Kentucky as well! We took a guided tour of the Great Room ---the formations are amazing!

Heading into the cave!!

Limestone formations

Sand dunes? White Sands National Monument in New Mexico............   Playing on dune fields of crushed gypsum? Pretty cool!

Starry Nights? Well,  celestial  stars (Griffith Observatory in LA) as well as stars of the red carpet on Hollywood's Walk of Fame......

A few faves~~~



Orcas? Sea World San Diego!  Detailed post upcoming on our day at this truly amazing site! Thanks to my blog, I was furnished complimentary passes for the family to experience this must-see spot...what a privilege. Here are a few pics to get started though. I'll be back soon with more!
Adorable dolphins!

How awesome are these turtles?

Petting a shark?

Hottest place on Earth? You may have heard that Libya holds the record...but that's been disproven. The highest temp on record is in Death Valley, California, with a whopping 134 degrees in 1913!   Luckily it wasn't quite that hot last week when we visited..... a mere 118 degrees greeted us. Positively balmy right?


The Blue and the Grey? To any American, just hearing these words conjures tragedy on a grand scale. Shiloh National Military  Park  in Tennessee hosted Civil War reenactments and demonstrations on the 4th of July weekend.


Stone Aquariums? How about Fossil Butte National Monument in Wyoming? 

These fossil fish as well as the community of living things from approximately 500 million years ago,  are captured in layers of stone in what is now called The Green River Formation in southwestern Wyoming.


Please come back soon for more on walking through layers of time at Fossil Butte!

And the Alien Invasion?? I think probably no other town in America conjures more speculation about "little green men" than Roswell  New Mexico also known as the proving ground of Robert Goddard, father of modern rocketry and the Trinity Site, among other sites of America's nuclear bomb testing prior to ending World War II.
Regardless, it's all in good fun!   here are some of our new friends::::



Thanks for stopping by for an overview of our trip!
Looking forward to sharing more in depth soon.
God bless and enjoy these summer days!

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  1. Wow - what an amazing adventure! I can hardly wait for more pics and details :). I love Mammoth Cave - it was part of our honeymoon trip eons ago - and I would not have been able to leave Roswell without one of those little green men!

    1. Aw, thanks Nancy!!

      You're so sweet------ Wow, mammoth Cave for your honeymoon sounds wonderful! We did have some fun adventures and I appreciate you stopping by too take a peek and leave a comment!!
      Take care Nancy!!

  2. Such a fun and exciting adventure. Thanks for sharing these awesome pics.

    1. Linda!
      Thanks so much for your kind words!

      I'm stopping over at your blog in just a sec....looking fwd to your decor and recipe posts!!

      God bless!!

  3. Wow! I am so jealous. You next trip, I am stowing away in your luggage.
    It looks like y'all had a blast. We were just talking about trying to do a cross country journey soon. Your pictures (and stories) make me want to do it even more. I can;t wait to hear more.
    Glad your back though....I've missed you in my mailbox.

    1. I just think having my pal Monique as a stowaway would be wonderful! Better yet, we should plan a double-family trip! How great wold that be? :)

      Thanks for the kind words, my friend, and for ting the time to visit!

  4. Hi Chris!

    What great pictures and memories! I so want to do something like this with my family someday. It looks absolutely amazing! Can't wait to hear more details of all your adventures! I've missed you in blog land, but I'm so glad you had this great time with your family! :)

    1. You're so sweet, Tra! Thanks for the visit, my friend! Love when you stop by.


  5. Oh my! You have had quite an adventure. I've always wanted to visit Carlsbad, but we have seen Mammoth Cave and Shiloh National Park when I lived in Kentucky. :) Thanks for sharing your travels!

    1. I do Love Shiloh and Mammoth!!

      And yes, Jeannie, do try to get to Carlsbad. It's breathtaking!!

      Thank you so much for your kind words and for stopping by!!

  6. Oh My Goodness. I love this post.
    Beautiful pictures. I mean WOW! I went to Carlsbad as a child, and I will be taking my child. I want to go to the Petrified Forest too.
    We have been to Civil War Forts in TN.
    Our Nation is SOOO BEAUTIFUL!
    Thanks for sharing your trip.
    xx oo

  7. Looks like an awesome trip! Such amazing images. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Such awesome photos. You really captured your trip well. It will be forever treasured, I am sure!


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