Sunday, August 23, 2015

Adirondack Memories~ Scrapbook 2015

Welcome back, you guys! It's been a while and I missed you all! 
We spent last  week in the
amazingly gorgeous Adirondack paradise of upstate New York....
yes..... New York...! It's not all skyscrapers,
hustle, bustle, subway and crazy, you know!
And prior to our restful, rejuvenating, family week,
 many days were  spent enduring a relentless migraine.
Needless to say, not much, including blogging, was accomplished!
I'm soooooo happy to be back with you and sharing a few of our
shots, which you know I love doing, from the week!

I have to say caveat?
I'm always amazed at the personal pictures that
 are sometimes shared on blogs and social media.
On one hand, why blog if the personal..... the thoughts, the pictures.....
aren't expressed, right?
On the other, I think we can all agree that 
family privacy, on so many levels, needs to be preserved.

That being said, what's out there for public consumption
 may be a bit sparse, as  I tiptoe that  fine line.
 Sunrise over.........  The Bronx?
The Throgs Neck Bridge spans the waterway where the 
East River meets the Long Island Sound.
If you live in Brooklyn, Queens or on LI, 
you can cross this beauty on the way upstate.
 A heron in a marshy area of the Albany region.


 Brand new running shoes for our boy, about to begin a new season this Fall.
Move over, Usain Bolt?

 Have hummingbird feeder, will travel?
This little critters are so darn smart!
A little homemade nectar....3 parts water and 1 part sugar, boiled...voila!
Within minutes, here comes our friend!

 One of many campfires this summer.....
hence the name of the blog.Ha

 Now THIS is a sandcastle!

 Just some beauty of the lake.

  A glimpse of the town's weekly fireworks display.

Ft William Henry, a stronghold in the French-Indian War in the 
Lake George region from 1755-1757.
Many an afternoon was spent here with the boys when the were littles,
joining the King's Army and watching musket ball rolling!
I'll be back asap with a post on our ghost tour of the fort....
which was pretty darn entertaining and spirited!

...and here are  our Adirondack memories from  summer 2013 and summer 2014 

 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!
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  1. We used to live two hours north of there in Gouverneur, NY. We loved visiting the Adirondacks; we got to to a Catholic family camp, Family Guggenheim, there as well. One of my favoite priests is assigned around there, Fr. Higman.Thanks for the post!

  2. Such fabulous photos -looks like you guys had a blast! I especially love the sand castle :-)

  3. Chris,

    My girls LOVE building sandcastles. Your castle is magnificent! Your photos are beautiful, full of happy memories, I'm sure. Thanks for sharing them with us!


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