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From Sea To Shining Sea: 7 of the Wackiest, Silliest, Most Unique Photos of Our Road Trip 2015 ~ QTs

One of the best things about traveling is re- living the trip through the pictures and allllllll the talk around the wacky, the silly and the "remember whens," no?!
And how about  those pictures that, at the time, 
you didn't realize were stand outs because of 
some silly background,  a wacky facial expression, or the content itself......?

So for my Quick Takes this week, I rounded up 7 of the nuttiest or most unusual pictures from our recent trip cross country........
I'll be back tomorrow with a "by the numbers" post, 
which is always fun to put together! 
And, judging by  the surprising number of views 
on my number-post of our 2013 summer trip, 
it's not only bloggers who like to write this type of post, 
but visitors, who like to read them!
So here goes~~~

~ 1 ~
Cue the Twilight Zone music~
Told ya we'd see a few aliens in Roswell!!!
Site of the alleged UFO crash, as well as Father of Modern Rocketry, 
Robbert Goddard's, home base
and the White Sands missile testing base, 
Roswell boasts  numerous legendary phenomena.
And here  they are, waiting for us on route, as we headed from 
Carlsbad Caverns National Park, north to this legendary  town!

Now, don't dismiss the notion of alien presence, as we did, 
until you see this movie.
 It is definitely compelling!

~ 2 ~ 
Better fill up the tank!
When you live in one of the  most densely populated areas of the country,
this sign is definitely picture-worthy!

Wow, no 7-11 for 72 miles??
Better get your slurpee asap!

~ 3 ~
The hottest spot on planet Earth
Now, we're no strangers to some pretty intense heat and 
the humidity around here often feels
like you're being smothered by a flannel blanket...
but wow, 118 degrees as a general rule?
This was shot on July 13 in Death Valley, California, the place with the highest
recorded temp, ( 136 degrees in 1913) 

~ 4 ~ 
And with names like these,
there's no confusing the climate of the area!

Stovepipe Wells
Furnace Creek
lonesome Pine

~ 5 ~
It may look like they're scampering around on the moon......
but actually, they're on the gypsum dunefields
 at White Sands National Monument, New Mexico!

~ 6 ~
How's that fence workin' out for ya?
As we were driving along Interstate 5 in southern CA, 
 close by a tiny town called Jacumba,
on our way to Sea World of San Diego,
 we couldn't help but notice this monstrosity,
 seen waaaaaaaay off in the distance. 
A glance at the map and it's pretty clear that, WOW, 
Mexico lies just south of the highway....and hey, could that be the border?

So, of course, we had to investigate.
Because it's not every day that we get to take a peek at a foreign country.
And then, prayers, of course, for those who'd like to be on our side.
And for all of us, who may not always appreciate our freedoms.
Um, seconds after this shot was snapped, we all stuck our hands
through the fence, because, well, how cool to be partially across the border?
No, not really.
Border patrol came out of nowhere and told us to skedaddle.
So, you know, we did.

~ 7 ~ 
Rush Hour Traffic Jam in Utah!

All vehicles were stopped dead to allow this majestic creature to cross the main road
at Antelope island State Park, on the  Great Salt Lake.
Maybe not wacky, but certainly unique and breathtaking!

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  1. Great photos! It looks like you had a lot of fun. I can't get over the size of that fence....It's HUGE! I can't wait to hear more. Glad you're back to blogging.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Isn't it ridiculously tall?? And a huge section of it on the hill up there had been knocked down, anyway...... Sad.

      Monique, thanks for stopping by!

      You too...enjoy a little downtime!


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