Sunday, November 29, 2015

..: O Come O Come Emmanuel :.. Advent in Our Hearts from the Archives

Just crazy how long it's been since I stopped by to chat with you!
 A whole month---sheesh.  

Well I miss you all, miss the comments, the chatter, the everything.  Life has kept me away. occupied,  longer than planned.  I hope my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  

And now, onto Advent. 

This time, this gift of being still. Pondering. Silenced. Quieted. Hopefully so. Waiting. Watching. Remembering.
 Catching glimpses of  the small and the extraordinary in the every day. While we anticipate the most amazing gift ever. 
However you "do" advent will fit the family culture you're building. Elaborate crafts and stress inducing how to's are not allowed, Momma! Simple reflections in this season of waiting are all we need.......
I'll look forward to reflecting here in this space a bit on this liturgical season of advent during the  coming weeks...For now, here's a collection of numerous activities my family's enjoyed in the decade and a half we have been blessed as parents.

 Some are just plain fun and some have taught us much about ourselves and this glittering, sparkling season of......well...waiting.

Enjoy my friends.
I'll look forward to seeing you soon.

It's the .:Most:. Wonderful Time of the Year! 10 of Our Traditions for Advent and Christmas~ Wreaths, Trees, Recipes,  Crafts, Stories, Santa, Science & Savoring

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  1. May you have a blessed Advent 2015 Chris! I went and clicked on your link from the archive and 2 things stood out: you boys are so young in some of the photos and you have a treasure chest full of great activities, as always! :) May your Advent be a peaceful one!

    1. Thanks Tracy!!!

      Yes, may this season be wonderful for your fmily as well!!

  2. Thanks for sharing the link to your advent ideas. I'm still deciding what exactly we will do for advent this year. Yes.....we'll be late getting started. But I'm hoping to keep things simple and peaceful.

    1. Lexi~~

      Thanks for stopping by!

      Well, keeping it simple and reflective is perfect, right?


      God bless

  3. This really is the best time of year! I'm always trying to find those peaceful times.

    1. Yes!! Agreed...peace is the order of the season!!

      Thanks Lisa for visiting!!

  4. I love that you make it a priority to be quiet and thoughtful at this time of year. It is so easy not to be!

    1. Lara
      Isn't it though!? So easy to feel rushed and stressed!!

      Thanks for visiting!!


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