Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Look Back at Three Years Blogging! {{ And a huge thank you}}

What can I say?
Time marches on....?
Time flies when you're  blogging?
..........and developing friendships  with the best readers,  fellow bloggers and 
generally awesome people  out there in the vastness of the blogosphere?

It's been a mind blowing journey since my first flimsy post  and because 
 I have a strong affinity for 
 Our Lady, I purposely started my little spot here on the web on her feast day.....
All with good intentions of developing a little corner spot online to photojournal family, homeschooling, faith  and maybe travel ...but never with the assumption
 that I'd be regularly sticking with the effort
for several years and close to 600 posts. 
Not to mention becoming acquainted with amazing people worldwide,
finding like minded bloggers with whom I've become true friends 
and being afforded
opportunities for travel

movie  and product reviews
as well as the chance to write in depth on subjects about which I'm passionate such as
our Catholic faith, our involvement in the pro life movement

It's been fun sharing our crafts, 

our author studies and our  unit studies , especially
traveling in time and space with The Doctor and The Bard....

(my Hamlet, left and Osric, right)

I've written a lot about my parents who were of The Greatest Generation...
not sure what my fave post would be, but The Soldier in the Snapshot 
and Sentimental Journey were the most difficult to write.

It hasn't always been peachy.....
I incurred the wrath of Santa naysayers  

and Hunger Games opposers 
wherein comments even had to be deleted.

Wow, people have strong opinions. Sheesh.

If you don't get President Snow and the Boy on Fire cake, 
It's a must.

Just for fun....
...this post on  my son's  Perler bead creations comes in second
...and this little Theme Thursday  post was my least clicked to  with 12 views!
Hey I don't blame you guys on that!

This was my most favorite cake post to write;
 this, my fave sacrament post and this, the most fun party post,
 Here, in case you missed it, is a smashing way to
celebrate the special day of someone you love 
by creating a birthday tree

also tons of fun to compile!

And if you're looking for some easy,  creative and inexpensive crafts, check out my
son's video guest post  on creating balloon animals!

He < then age 10 > had a blast and you guys responded so positively that he
 couldn't help but smile ear to ear.

I've had giveaways, most notably for Our lady of Guadalupe
scapulars,on my blogoversary in the past.
But this year, folks, I did not have it together in time!
Though I did say a special prayer for all my friends to Our Lady instead!

Oh, and Our Lady's Feast Day?
The Best Stuff out there on the web to help you celebrate is right here at ~~~ 
Don't miss them!
Really - - click over now and you'll be so happy you did!

Thanks for joining me for a look back .....
it's been fun and humbling as well, to recognize that 
our enormous and sometimes scary world can be  happy,
 comforting and peaceful,
 one friend at a time, one day at a time, as friendships are forged online and
in "real" life through our love of the written word 
and our generous encouragement of one another.......

 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!
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Until next time,



  1. Congrats on 3 years! It doesn't seem that long. Hope you are having a very blessed Advent.

    1. Thanks Monique!!! I know, right? I think we began our blogs aright around the same time??!


      God bless and enjoy advent as well y friend!!

  2. Chris,

    3 years? Oh my, time passes so quickly! I really enjoyed the journey back through the years. What a great way to mark the occasion of your blog anniversary. I read your 'first flimsy post'. It was a perfectly fine first post. Mine was much longer, but more boring, I'm sure! My first post became one of my most popular posts ever which was frustrating. I was sure readers would be disappointed when they arrived at the post and found out how awful it was. In the end, I deleted it!

    Congratulations on three years of blogging!

    1. Wow, I can't believe you deleted the post after all!
      well I'm loving your blogging and wouldn't find your posts boring at all!! I always want more more more when I arrive to read your latest! :)

      Thanks for visiting Sue!!! Love when you stop by!!

  3. Chris,

    First Happy 3 year blog-iversary! WOW! it's hard to believe! I clicked back at your first post which I thought was great and saw that I was your first comment on your first post! :) How cool! You have blessed my blogging journey with so much support and encouragement and I'm so glad we have met in blog land. Maybe one day our paths will cross in real life! How fun that would be!

    Any chance you are going to the March for Life in Jan. again in DC? If so, would God allow us to meet up then???????????????

    I just loved traveling down memory lane with you as I remember most of your posts that you linked to. Thank you also for linking back to my post and I loved Jen's OLG post and ideas! I need to save her cake toppers and felt ornament idea for the future!

    Thank you for blessing blog land and me for the past 3 years! A continued blessed Advent to you Chris!

    1. Well U Tra...what a lovely comment!! I realize now that I left our soooooooo many faves/mosts/etc....there's just so much to sum up over three years, right?

      As for the MFL.....our parish is no longer planning a bus trip there so I have to see how else we might get down to DC!

      Thanks for visiting Tracy! "See" you online soon!

  4. Wow, sounds like a productive year of blogging! Thanks for sharing.😄

  5. Congratulations on three years of blogging, Chris! Your blog is very special - your warm, generous, bubbly personality shines through with every post (and comment). Here's to the next three!


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