Friday, December 11, 2015

Reflecting on Advents Past ~ TT & FMF 12/11/15

Advent and Reflection...... inseparable, right?
Thought I'd combine, then,
because.....well....... a memory from the past....... 
Please visit Kate and Micaela for beautiful 
bloggers  linked up, as well as their own photos and reflections.
 So here goes my five.....

The essence of Advent, with a focus on #HolyLens and reflection, is, for me,
 completely and unequivocally summed up in this one shot of 
my sweeties back during December of 2009. 
You can't really see the Christmas decor here, the Jesse Tree we were
creating, the handmade painted ornaments drying to be wrapped and gifted,
 or hear Silent Night being pumped from the CD player sitting on the kitchen counter.....
  but those are Spiderman Christmas pj's ( ! ) 
and Christmas is bursting out of every nook and cranny around them.
Both were still home schooled at that time and ardently working together,
older brother, then nine, helping younger, a just-turned seven,
with some sort of workbook or other.....
unaware I was lurking about with the camera.
We'd weave our work with our faith and our life ad our family
and it became line, no "subjects," no separation.
Always work needed to be quickly done each day so that we could get to our
advent readings, light the wreath, tell The Story. 
And it was a blessing.
Is a blessing.

Wrapped in our own bubble of contentment, productivity and mostly, faith,
 during the memory filled season, 
no outside schedules imposing....
only us.
When I think of advent now and in the future, I know I'll think of these days.
The candle lit, fireplace crackling, safe days of love and life and 
of waiting...waiting for Jesus's coming.
At the time, thank God I did appreciate them.....
the days and the boys....
well, mostly anyway.

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  1. What precious memories. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer!

      Merry to you too!!

  2. Love these memories. Thank you for sharing them. Bless you this Advent. Following you at FMF.

    1. Julie~~ How sweet of you to s top by!

      God bless as well!!

  3. Love this photo and memories Chris! What a blessed time! I wish these rare peaceful moments (rare for my family) would never end and we could bottle up the sweetness, blessings and SANITY! :) HaHa! Here's to more sweetness in our lives with our children! :)

    1. Wouldn't that be wonderful!!??

      Thanks for stopping by Tra!

  4. Sweet picture and beautiful memory! Seeing that picture of your boys makes me think of what my boys will look like at that age :) What a different season of life! At 2.5 years old and 6 months old, I'm just trying to keep the toddler from squishing his brother...

    Have a blessed Advent and Merry Christmas! Your neighbor at the FMF Link-up.
    Amy @

  5. That is a really special memory and photo, Chris. Your boys were so tiny then! Thanks for linking up!


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