Wednesday, December 16, 2015

My Baby's a Teenager! A Birth Story & 13 Things About the Birthday Boy

So thirteen years ago today,  on a frigid, blizzard-y, relentlessly wintry moring,
 my sweet two and half year old and I began 
what I envisioned to be one of a handful of 
"just the two of us" days that remained before The New Baby joined the fam.
Oh he wasn't due for another eight days, Christmas Eve to be exact......
so crazy me, assuming since Baby #1, my then - toddler, now - fifteen year old,
 arrived on his due date, that all of 
my babies would comply just as willingly
Little did I know....they arrive when they wanna arrive!
We entered the kitchen to begin breakfast and organize the 
ingredients for the promised chocolate chip cookie baking adventure 
of the day, to find a note from my husband which read,
"Have a great day you two.
And don't go into labor today.......Blizzard.
Getting to the hospital's gonna be really inconvenient.
Plus, I'm working late."
Ha. Labor? 
Today will be filled with all things Christmas and wrapping and baking and
blanket snuggles and picture books and maybe even a walk in the smowfall.
A birthday's not on the schedule.
Well, we did all that and more because.....
Those crazy Braxton Hicks I'd been experiencing which were
pooh-poohed by the doctor weeks sand weeks ago.....?
well, they were back...all day and with a vengeance.
All day.
Not til I took my Mom seriously after her seventeenth...or so it seemed......
phone call  to ask......
"Do you still have those contractions?" and 
"Don't you think you should time them just 
in case this is real labor?" 
did I actually time them, bent over  cookie batter, in pain,  
Elmo's Christmas CD on repeat 
and realize that, indeed,  they were three minutes apart! 
After calling the doctor's office for guidance and hearing,  
THISHASBEENGOINGONALLDAY? I decided I better get my suitcase
in the car and get moving.
Neighbor and friend, on call  to take my little sweetie, was blessedly
available right then when I calmly called her.
Hubby was beeped. Yes, beeped.
These were pre cell days, to us anyway, and I headed out  
by myself against hubby's, Mom's and friend's better judgement.
Hey I've been driving for maaaaaaany winters and in rush hour traffic to boot!
I can get myself down the highway ten miles to the hospital no prob.
It didn't take me long to find  that driving in a blizzard +  NY rush hour +  
traveling-with- the-  nine- days -before - Christmas - shopping -throng passing- the-mall
  + labor pains= Not  A Wise Decision.
Yeah, I realized this as I finally finally f-i-n-a-l-l-y turned into the hospital ER lot,
left my keys with the security guard in the little ticket booth and somehow
got myself through the doors where Thank You God, some angel was waiting
with a wheelchair and a comforting word and took me right up to L and D.
My doctor was there, on call, yippee and told me after a quick exam that
there was no way I was going home tonight.....
this baby's gonna have a December 16th birthday! 
Hubby, miles and miles and miles away at work, arrived soon after
with stories to distract me, non alcoholic white zin and a Big Mac.....
nice and healthy right? I hit the husband jackpot with him.
 I was dying for both those "refreshments" after my last delivery, 
but now, ew, the thought  turned my stomach.
My doctor was all "You don't need no stinkin' drugs," and 
insisted I do the hula with her, complete with background island music,
 as I denied her and stood firm for an epidural.
OK, I tried it her way, 
 but after an hour of the strains of Tiny Bubbles-esque tinklings  and
well meaning labor nurses trying to pull the wool over my eyes
with awkward and downright ridiculous comments like
 HOW MUCH IT FEELS LIKE HAWAII IN HERE, I won and got some pain meds.
Sorry, but I guess I'm not as strong as everyone wants me to be! LOL

In less than an hour and by 10:20 PM on December 16,
our newest miracle arrived!
No crying, no bawling...not right away anyway .....
and with eyes  that looked right through our souls and 
 the hugest, brownest, most ardent, earnest, endearing,
And he still looks like that every morning as his days begin.

We're still trying to figure out what we did to deserve him.

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So, in absolutely no particular order, here are 13 things about my 
sweet little man~~~

 He's a badass on the soccer field

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He has a soft spot for babies and animals.

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He loves the outdoor life.

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He can paddle a canoe and kayak like he was born on the lake and 
swims even in 40 degree rain during our Adirondack week!
with his brother of course.

He loves his Catholic Faith.

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He's amazing in the kitchen.

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He's pretty darn creative with paint

and with a carving knife

and with a needle and thread.

and with balloons!

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He dreams up and carries out   crazy cool Halloween costumes.

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His onstage antics are killer, esp here as he breathes life into the Bard's
nutty Thisbe in Midsummer Night's Dream.

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He's the most perseverant person I know and insists on  conquering his
 dyslexia, most recently by reading the responsorial  psalm 
at our parish's National Night of Prayer. es, he's memorized
hundreds of lines of unabridged Shakespeare and performed in front of packed crowds  without a second thought. But reading? In public?
Not until recently could he make this happen!

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He has joined the pro life movement with a passion.

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His favorite thing, among many passions, is doing for his family and friends.
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He helps me plan and carry out imaginative and whimsical parties!

Panem et Circenses!!!

Whovians welcome!!

Thanks for joining me for a celebration of my little man!!
See you soon!

Here's our now SIXTEEN year old's first teen   birthday tree by the way~~
Time marches on, doesn't it?

 Friends, as always,  
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spending some of your precious time 
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  1. Oh Chris, this was absolutely lovely! I loved reading Timmy's birthday story and it kept me on the edge of my seat! And you are crazy to have driven your labored self to the hospital ALONE in a BLIZZARD! :) LOL! I'm so glad that all worked out and Timmy was compliant to wait and see you for the first time at just the right time ! :) Loved all your memories and photos of your teen birthday boy! He seems like an awesome son and he sounds alot like my sweet Luke! I ask everyday too how did I get so blessed with such a sweet boy?!? Thanks for sharing this beautiful birthday tribute post! And happy birthday again to your wonderful teen!

    1. Tra~~
      LOVED rdg your comment girlfriend!!

      The boys Do seem very similar in temperament don't they? I so wish we didn't live 12 hours apart and that we cloud get them together!!

      Thanks so much, my friend, for stopping by!

  2. Wow! What a story, my friend. I was stressing out while reading it as if I was there with you that day :). Your hubby's note was hilarious. Happy, happy birthday to your precious boy. They just grow up so fast. This is a wonderful tribute to a fine young man, Chris.
    I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. Here's to an amazing 2016 where both of our baby boys will turn 14!

    1. Candace~~

      It's wonderful that our boys are similar in age! I feel I know your son through your blog!

      Thanks for stopping by! Loved rdg your comment!!


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