Sunday, March 20, 2016

Weekly Wrap: Shamrocks, Literacy, Curriculum, Holy Week Activities & the Winner is ..... < #HSMJ #WWU >

What a wonderful,  full and busy week celebrating 
St Patrick and St Joseph, homeschooling like crazy and 
covering a ton of ground across all subjects....
By the way, here's what's working for us in:
We attended Stations of the Cross Friday evening as well as  rehearsals for the 
living stations in our parish.......
Did I mention that my little man is involved in the living Stations
on Good Friday evening? 
Not only that, but he's honored to be Jesus!! 
Yup...pretty amazing and a huge privilege!
He's extremely  excited and taking his responsibility very seriously.
Honestly, I'm truly proud every  single day that he is so committed
to living his faith utterly and completely.
He prays for those in need and helps tangibly whenever he can.....
such as this afternoon, helping create Easter baskets
for families involved in our parish outreach program.
And my oldest?
He spent a day a few weeks ago waiting tables at a parish event
 and never fails to offer help either.
Yep, I'm blessed indeed.

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So, Palm Sunday!
My son created a whole ton of palm crosses and rosettes. 
They're really quite lovely.
For those interested in a little creativity with some easy how to,
here are lots of details:

the Annunciation, which falls this year on  Good Friday.

How about some non candy Easter basket goodie ideas?
AND  I pre ordered this awesome book, which is perfect for my younger son.

It's due to arrive on Thursday and I think he's gonna love it!
Yippee......ordered it on New Year's Day  and luckily,
it seems to be arriving just in time!

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Well, there were 9 entrants for the prize and congrats  go to  lucky winner, 
 Candace, from Manitou Springs, Colorado!!

I've already been in touch with Candace and 
hopefully she'll receive her book soon enough
to enjoy with her littles for at least part of Holy Week!

clicked over, entered the giveaway and were introduced to this 
delightful new children's book.
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Oh, by the way, I've joined the A-Z blogging challenge, set to begin April 1!
I'm excited to embark on the "alphabetical" blogging journey, 

along with close to 1000 other bloggers!
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Here's a recap of what was up on the blog this week
in case you missed and would like to click over!



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