Saturday, April 2, 2016

BBBirthday BBBlessings { A to Z Challenge }

What greeted me at dawn on  the birthday morning.....
a gorgeous rose ( bought) and french toast, ( made ) the night before
by my boys......! 

...and wow, does my son make the best French toast! 
The best.
Not sure what his secret ingredient is, but it's loaded with butter,
confectioner's sugar, cinnamon, brown sugar and ??

A handknit scarf by my youngest!'Isn't is PRETTY???
He's always creating, designing, crafting.
Of course this is sooooo precious.

Sweet little sparrow enjoying the spring in our yard.....

An abbreviated homeschool day,  a favorite board game,
then out to enjoy the beautiful weather with one of my fave people....
Lunch at IHOP and a little birthday surprise that my 
sweet boy requested of our waitress.
She was such a lovely lady too.........IHOP is empty around 4PM you know!
Because my hubby and older son were not due home until much later,
we are doing the "real" celebrating....
homemade dinner, gift, cake..... this weekend......
In the meantime~ 

                                 Strolling around a local harbor town,
                                 still sleepy in the pre summer season.....

Day 2, B,   of the A to Z Challenge!
I'm writing off a picture/s or a thought/s for the month!
Please visit tomorrow for day 3 and C!

 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

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  1. It looks like a perfect way to celebrate special you Chris! That rose is beautiful and the French toast yummy!!! That's so sweet your son told the waitress about your birthday!!! Beautiful photos!! May your year be blessed!

    1. Aw, thanks so much, Tracy!!

      He is a sweetie....thanks for stopping by!


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