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The Five Best TV Shows Set in the Big Apple ~ #5faves { A to Z Blogging Challenge }

I have to brag.
I'm  from The Big Apple.

I get it.
New Yorkers have a baaaaaad reputation for a lot of things.
We're pushy, loud, intolerant, aggressive, hurried.
That's what you're thinking, yes?
Hmmmm, well, no, not entirely true. At least not always.
I admit.... I'm in a rush most of the time. I guess that comes from 
growing up amid hustle, bustle, racing half a mile down to the avenue,
 past the look-alike All in the Family-style row houses 
to catch the Q1 to Jamaica  for school.
And yes if you wanted to see the homes of pretty much anyone
who hails from Queens county,
 tune in to an Archie Bunker rerun.
That's my living room.  Minus the chair. Really.
want to know a nyer's take on "the world?"
Yeah, here it is~~

If any NYer tells you he doesn't think this way of the US and the world in general,
tell ya what, it's not true. Really!

But the thing is, that was my world...I knew nothing different
and I loved it...well love it.
Even though,  we now 
 live in The Land of Entitlementaka Long Island.>

Though we don't
 watch a lot of tv around fact we don't have cable,
which is  one of our numerous frugalities.....
 we  borrow library
dvds or stream newer series on network sites.......
I realized that the shows I am loving to escape into
are realistic, honest, fun, gritty, true,  scary and
they're set on the streets of New York.
Not just any shows filmed in studio with opening credits set against
the familiar skyline, but shows that bring the truth, 
sometimes the ugly truth, right to your own reality.

In  fact, you feel you're right there in Hell's Kitchen 
or under the 59th Street  Bridge or on the Van Wyck Expressway.
...that kind of real.

I know the settings of some of these shows well and
I loooooove a tour of my own past through some of the best entertainment
out there....
So, of course, I decided to share,
from a NYer's perspective, the 5 best shows set IN The Big Apple.:
And not in any order.....

Blue Bloods
Remember Magnum PI from the 80s?
Think Thomas Magnum as Police Commissioner.
It's the streets of NY from 
the NYPD's point of view + an infusion of Catholic life.
 Grace, Confession, Rosary Beads and more.....


The Reagan family praying  before Sunday dinner
on a network TV show?
Yes indeed.

Hail  a taxi from the  Sunshine  Cab  Company and 
you'll recognize anyone who pulls over! 
You know all the cabbies. You know the dispatcher.
And if you knew 
the streets of the city and the hole in the wall
 realities of apartments, diners,  schools,
gyms, offices and the other 'real' settings, then you know
 the honestly of the show.
Plus, it's absolutely one of the  laugh out loud
funniest shows of the 70s/80s.
And did you know Jim ( Christopher Lloyd)created Modern Family??

Here's a little treat~


  Image result for new york city themed blog post dividers

If  you grew p in the 70s, your favorite TV mom was probably Mrs Cunningham.
So you'll like Brooklyn Bridge even more!
Sadly, short lived though..... really surprising,
 considering its honest portrayal of life  in  a Jewish American
family set in the 50s.
Touching...amazing jaw dropping acting and writing.
Just wow.
here you go:

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                                                                       All in the Family 
Iconic, classic, love it or hate it sitcom featuring Archie, Edith, Gloria and 
Michael< aka Meathead>  set against harsh realities of the 70s.
Racism, Watergate, the Vietnam War,
nothing is off limits.
While much of the action took place in the Bunkers' living room,
ever present are the references to NY city life.
Which, of course, speaks to me.....


Would it make you feel any better to know that Carroll O'Connor really wasn't
a bigot and had huge  "moral"  difficulties portraying Archie Bunker?

Image result for new york city themed blog post dividers

Not wildly popular and probably not at the "top" of too 
 many lists.....yet I love Rhoda for many reasons.
First, she's Mary's best friend.
Second, her apartment, her job, her accent ( ! ) her life in general ~
all scream NEW YORK.
The flavor of The Big Apple is in every scene, every dialogue, everywhere.
Don't miss it~


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  1. Great picks. I have never been to New York, and while I'm not someone who is used to (nor could I handle) the hustle and bustle of living there, I'd love to visit sometime. These shows do truly show some of the greatness that is NY :) Thanks for sharing <3

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kim! I def can udnerstnad not wanting to bea round the fast pace 24/7..... !!

      Great of you to share a comment!

  2. Great films here. I would love to go to New York!!

    Thanks for hopping by Chris :)

    1. Well, I'd LLLLLLOVE to meet up if you indeed decide to make the trip one day Claire!

      Thx for stopping by!

  3. Where does one find "Brooklyn Bridge?" The link is for a DVD, which apparently doesn't exist? It sounds really good!

    1. Nancy~~

      Thanks for mentioning that..... I'm looking into it and I'll email you with whatever I find out.
      (and fix the link here!)



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