Monday, May 23, 2016

NY is Cosmos Country! 5 Reasons to Take Your Family to a NY Cosmos Game #5faves

So you're a fellow native New Yorker ......yay!! 
Or you're traveling to The Big Apple.......welcome!
You've got kids and you're into fun, frugality and family friendly events?
Throw in world class athleticism and 
have I got a phenomenal afternoon ( or evening!) for you.
Actually 14 of them remaining  this season.......:
The New York Cosmos, NY's very own pro soccer league!

The Cosmos, currently 1st place in the North American Soccer League,
upon their victory last night over the Tampa Bay Rowdies,
offer a truly unbelievable family experience for fans of all ages.
I know that may sound cliche, but it's true.
Soccer junkies and even lukewarm fans of the sport will undoubtedly enjoy 
a game, replete with many engaging activities for all ages
 at Shuart Stadium, home of the Cosmos. 

Here are my Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Take the Family
 to a NY Cosmos Game 
this Season~ 
( But beware: one game will turn into an addiction and your family might
  just become  a group of soccer fanatics  devoting themselves to
 all  sorts of healthy, fun, daring "football" maneuvers in the yard!)

~ 1 ~

The entire Cosmos club cares about their fans.
And I'm talking about everyone.
 Management, box office staff,  ushers, parking lot attendants,
 athletes, everyone.
No where else in pro sports have I had the experience of
phone calls being returned,
deals  being offered ( really awesome ticket deals too!) 
 and cell phone numbers of upper management given.
I know, right?
Not only that  - but how about athletes who take the time to greet players 
before and after their game?
The guys have got to be drained, mentally and physically and yet they stop to take
pictures, give autographs, smile with little ones.

David Diosa, #21, a defender, signing my son's ball!

Meeting Lucky Mkosana, his all time favorite player!
I can't tell you how this made him feel......

Andres Flores, #11, midfielder, takes the time to greet fans, too!

All of the athletes stopped to take care of their fans.....
these players are simply the shots I was able to grab.

They care.
The NY Cosmos soccer club epitomizes nice.
The positive energy and enthusiasm exuded by the entire club at
 every game we've attended this season and last--- unparalleled.


~ 2 ~
Cultural awareness and education

The melting pot that is  NY is evident everywhere in
 The Big Apple and surrounding areas. 
Celebrating a variety of ethnicities is huge within the Cosmos 'culture'
and last night was no exception.

We were treated to  magnificent pre game and half time shows
honoring Croatian and Portuguese Heritage  Days. 

Here's a short video I took:
 I filmed a longer segment, 
which unfortunately, is tooooo long to load here......
The music, dancing and costumes were phenomenal and exciting for 
all the guests and hopefully, you'll get a glimpse from this~ 


 ~ 3 ~

The Cosmos club is into involvement & FUN
for all. 

In addition to being sure that every guest has a positive experience
at every match, the Cosmos offer the opportunity for 
kids of all ages to participate in events and games during 
half time ( and before the match)  that are tons of fun!

Just last night, kids representing a local elementary school regaled the
audience with their lovely version of our national anthem:

They were wonderful!!

The Cosmos also host training camps for local youth soccer teams, 
which are wildly popular...the kids refine skills with an amazing coaching staff
and meet players too....
talk about  inspiring and motivating  young soccer players!  

 ~ 4 ~

World Class Athleticsm

The NY Cosmos has a long history.......
the club began in the early 70s, when the USA was a non soccer loving country,
folded in the early 80s and made a comeback in 2013.

Even non fans of the sport know one name, am I right?
And yes, believe it or not, Pele did play for the NY Cosmos ...
he was signed in 1975 after leading Brazil to 21 World Cup titles!

Here, by the way, are some shots of the game last night.....
NY vs Tampa Bay

Currently, the NY Cosmos soccer team is ranked first in the NASL....
As a NYer, I'm very proud and as a Mom of soccer loving kids,
I couldn't be happier that such a family oriented pro sports club is within 
 a 60 minute drive and offers such wonderful amenities!

~ 5 ~

~ Affordability~ 

We've all come to associate  "exorbitance"  with "professional sports."
Not so with the NY Cosmos.
Not only are fans offered a variety of affordable pricing and seating options,
but we can also choose multi game discounts, purchase season tickets
AND coordinate ticket prices with concession stand deals.

Additionally, at many games, the  team offers giveaways of some sort!
Last night we were gifted with a Carlos Mendes bobblehead, 
sure to become a  highly treasured collectible 
 by young soccer fans for a LONG time!

Seriously, for sooooooo much less than you'd assume,
your family can purchase seats and a concession stand voucher, 
OR  a Buffalo Wild Wings ticket/meal package........

Thanks SO much for stopping by for a peek into the NY Cosmos world.
I'll be back next week with more on the Cosmos after we attend 
the May 28 game opposing the Oklahoma City Rayo....
We're SO looking forward to the game!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Backyard Sunrise ~ WW

You know I'm sunrise/sunset picture junkie.
I just can't get enough.
This caught my eye from the kitchen window at about 6:20
this morning and I had to snap it....

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Monday, May 9, 2016

The Day After Mother's Day: A Beautiful Mess

Is it just me or is the day after Mother's Day the most exhausting 24 hours of the year?
OK, maybe not quite as tiring as...welllll.......
 the day you return from 
a three week, nine thousand - ish mile
cross country camping "vacation," facing down 
the barrel of fifteen+ loads of campfire
infused  laundry and family detritus.
But definitely more strength -  sapping than December 26. 
I thought I might be doing something wrong.
Or that I was gradually becoming a jaded, spoiled Mommy......
 because how on Earth could I feel so darn wiped out when I should
be feeling so darn grateful? 
Then I saw this in my FB news feed,
thanks to The Chaos and the Clutter , and truly,  I was relieved.

Ok, I'm not the only one, I realized.
 The second Monday in May is, I've found, in my 16 years as a Mom,
 pretty much devoted to  digging out:
 scraping  pots lovingly burnt used to make a thoughtful  dinner,
catching up on  mountains of laundry,
stashing the "good china"
and generally maintaining order that you gave up
when everyone insisted you take a day off.
But what a day it was, really.......
 We  attended the noon mass, where my oldest lectored
( like I pro, I have to say)
played Clue, watched an ep of Lost,

(yes I'm a complete Lostie, a dozen years late......
 But shhhhhh: We just finished season 4 ~ So: spoilers!
And if you are to me about your fave people!)
drank Dr Pepper, ate the hubby's ammmmmmazing 
baked ziti and garlic bread
(I don't have a picture! )
and the kids' yummy lemon meringue pie ....

(yes, they really made this ! )

 ..........and because everyone insisted I relax,
 got caught up on a few chapters in my book.
And yes, the sun did come out, albeit briefly and although
it was definitely not a sit-outside-and-soak-up-the-beauty Spring day,
I sat out there under a comforter, gosh darn it, with my kids.

I really want to be very careful about talking in a superficial,
 less than genuine  way about this holiday. It's so wrought with
emotion. Believe me, one of the hardest things ever,
is attending mass on Mother's Day  after having suffered a baby loss
while the celebrant asks all "mothers,'grandmothers,
godmothers and mothers to be " to stand for a blessing and 
applause by the congregation.
It pretty much feels, at that point, as if everyone in the world is
a sweet little child's unicorn and rainbow crayola drawing.
Everyone except you.
There's no stopping or minimizing or hiding tears.
It's a nightmare and I hated it.
I still hate it...for me....
it makes me terribly uncomfortable......
ANd I hate it for the moms who've lost.
Who've lost a child, their own mom, grandma or
someone who's nurtured them like a mom.
Mother's Day  is torturous for sooooo many.
And why priests maintain this painful charade year after year,
even after being  requested 
( nicely....really, I mean that, too) 
 to refrain, is beyond me.

Bottom line......? 
Women need to have honest, no - judge 
 conversations about
the pain the holiday brings to so many.
Don't you think, too, this has to be acknowledged,
while honoring our own Mothers and the women
in our lives who've cared for us so unconditionally?

So that's pretty much why at almost 11Pm, 
I'm still getting myself in gear the day after Mother's Day, 
 to return the house to "normal," 
to get my thoughts organized in this post,
AND,  to recognize how blessed am I...... 
above all else,
to have this  mess.

Glacier National Park, Montana
July 2012 !

So while we're talking  the day after and pie...
we were talkng pie, weren't we..... 
have you seen the Mother's Day ep  of The Middleseason 1?
Patricia Heaton's one of my favorites.
Love the show.
(We don't get it's library dvd's for us )
It's an absolute hoot.
And SO SO true.

Image result for birthday themed post dividers
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Friday, May 6, 2016

Prayers and Support Needed for a Fellow Homeschool Family ~ 5 Ways to Help

I'm stopping in to share a story with you today.
It's not  pretty ... No sunshine and rainbows here.
But, in time, the story will have a happy ending.
It is, in fact, is what many would describe as a nightmare.
But because I have the best friends ever and the most 
wonderful readers in the world,  I'd like to tell you this story and
ask for your help.

First let me start out by asking .........
How was your day?
Things go smoothly?
The kids earnestly listened and followed your simple requests
to pay attention to the pre algebra lesson? The world history activity?
What? No?
Frustrating, right? 
Maddening, these little frustrations of daily life.
How's the rest of the house looking?
Neglected, seeming to wilt, even, after a full day of school and living? 
Are you overwhelmed and frazzled, recognizing that voluminous laundry piles,
 mountainous stacks of books, schoolwork and the detritus
of every day life need attention?
And when will you have the ambition to tackle all this plus
your to do list, plus your lesson plans and get dinner in the oven.
Even with the help of the kids, a few of whom can handle more
of the hefty chores, it falls on you, am I right?
Hey those photos you've taken of the recent birthday and holiday.....
You backed them up, of course.
You'll get around to that soon.... because  losing those smiles, those moments,
the landmark days and the everyday....
well, that would be the worst.
But here's the thing.~

Imagine if unexpectedly and instantaneously we did not have 
all the we feel 'burdens' us?
Imagine if it was gone without warning, in a blink.
We have no things.
No sentimental items give for your engagement or a  milestone in life.
No photos from your own wedding,
 the kids' first Christmases and every Christmas thereafter, 
their  birthdays and vacations and everyday.
Those piles of clutter, the unchecked off to do lists,
the stack of dishes in the sink and crumbs splattering the counter?
We're blessed to have it all.
The question, What the heck do I do, goshdarnit, with
all the stuff the kids have made over the years?
You know, the normal stresses of everyday life.......
Well, this did happen to a dear friend of mine.
She's the one living the nightmare.
If you follow me on social media, or if we cross paths and share mutual friends,
 you've undoubtedly read about the losses that
 my friend, Lisa, her husband Mike and their four kids have endured.
They lost their home, their pet and everything they own
last weekend.
Fire demolishes everything in its path and leaves nothing unaffected.
The family, thank God, evacuated
the house safely.
Thank God.
However, all is lost.
Much of it can be replaced.
But we all know what can't be. We can all imagine what it'd be 
like to lose what the Boyles have lost.
I know you'll want to help and so here are,
for your easy reference, all the ways to do so, in one place:

~ 1 ~
Pray some more....... that the family is graced with the strength
to bear their loss and move forward with the emotional burdens
as well as taking care of all the details necessary.

~ 2 ~
Click over to amazon for the wish list which Lisa compiled. 
Many  friends requested to know what exactly needed replacement on
the most immediate levels.
Lisa's made it nice and easy for us to 
help out with one click. 

Please email me at  for Lisa's mailing address.
I will reply asap.

~ 3 ~
Join the facebook group
It's the  most practical way to stay on top of updates.

~ 4 ~
If you feel called to do so,
please contribute to the  Gofundme  account
set up by friends for the Boyle family.

~ 5 ~
Support Lisa's blog through her affiliate links ~
Lisa's been part of the Catholic, homeschool 
blogosphere now for a number of years.
I know most/many of you have clicked over to her home on the web
..many may be regular readers of her blog!

If you have to make a  purchase on amazon, 
why not shop through Lisa's amazon affiliate link.
At absolutely no cost to the shopper,
amazon grants affiliates a small percentage of the item's price.
It's a win win all around.

While you're at Lisa's blog clicking through her amazon affiliate button, 
leave her a comment so she knows you stopped by.
Who doesn't love getting a sweet note on a blog?
And I'm sure Lisa would enjoy knowing you visited.

If there is anything I can do, any questions I can answer for you,
in your efforts to help the family out, please contact me.

I'm happy to join Bonnie's weekly #5faves linkup
in hopes that a wider audience will click over, read, share, pray for the Boyles.
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