Friday, May 6, 2016

Prayers and Support Needed for a Fellow Homeschool Family ~ 5 Ways to Help

I'm stopping in to share a story with you today.
It's not  pretty ... No sunshine and rainbows here.
But, in time, the story will have a happy ending.
It is, in fact, is what many would describe as a nightmare.
But because I have the best friends ever and the most 
wonderful readers in the world,  I'd like to tell you this story and
ask for your help.

First let me start out by asking .........
How was your day?
Things go smoothly?
The kids earnestly listened and followed your simple requests
to pay attention to the pre algebra lesson? The world history activity?
What? No?
Frustrating, right? 
Maddening, these little frustrations of daily life.
How's the rest of the house looking?
Neglected, seeming to wilt, even, after a full day of school and living? 
Are you overwhelmed and frazzled, recognizing that voluminous laundry piles,
 mountainous stacks of books, schoolwork and the detritus
of every day life need attention?
And when will you have the ambition to tackle all this plus
your to do list, plus your lesson plans and get dinner in the oven.
Even with the help of the kids, a few of whom can handle more
of the hefty chores, it falls on you, am I right?
Hey those photos you've taken of the recent birthday and holiday.....
You backed them up, of course.
You'll get around to that soon.... because  losing those smiles, those moments,
the landmark days and the everyday....
well, that would be the worst.
But here's the thing.~

Imagine if unexpectedly and instantaneously we did not have 
all the we feel 'burdens' us?
Imagine if it was gone without warning, in a blink.
We have no things.
No sentimental items give for your engagement or a  milestone in life.
No photos from your own wedding,
 the kids' first Christmases and every Christmas thereafter, 
their  birthdays and vacations and everyday.
Those piles of clutter, the unchecked off to do lists,
the stack of dishes in the sink and crumbs splattering the counter?
We're blessed to have it all.
The question, What the heck do I do, goshdarnit, with
all the stuff the kids have made over the years?
You know, the normal stresses of everyday life.......
Well, this did happen to a dear friend of mine.
She's the one living the nightmare.
If you follow me on social media, or if we cross paths and share mutual friends,
 you've undoubtedly read about the losses that
 my friend, Lisa, her husband Mike and their four kids have endured.
They lost their home, their pet and everything they own
last weekend.
Fire demolishes everything in its path and leaves nothing unaffected.
The family, thank God, evacuated
the house safely.
Thank God.
However, all is lost.
Much of it can be replaced.
But we all know what can't be. We can all imagine what it'd be 
like to lose what the Boyles have lost.
I know you'll want to help and so here are,
for your easy reference, all the ways to do so, in one place:

~ 1 ~
Pray some more....... that the family is graced with the strength
to bear their loss and move forward with the emotional burdens
as well as taking care of all the details necessary.

~ 2 ~
Click over to amazon for the wish list which Lisa compiled. 
Many  friends requested to know what exactly needed replacement on
the most immediate levels.
Lisa's made it nice and easy for us to 
help out with one click. 

Please email me at  for Lisa's mailing address.
I will reply asap.

~ 3 ~
Join the facebook group
It's the  most practical way to stay on top of updates.

~ 4 ~
If you feel called to do so,
please contribute to the  Gofundme  account
set up by friends for the Boyle family.

~ 5 ~
Support Lisa's blog through her affiliate links ~
Lisa's been part of the Catholic, homeschool 
blogosphere now for a number of years.
I know most/many of you have clicked over to her home on the web
..many may be regular readers of her blog!

If you have to make a  purchase on amazon, 
why not shop through Lisa's amazon affiliate link.
At absolutely no cost to the shopper,
amazon grants affiliates a small percentage of the item's price.
It's a win win all around.

While you're at Lisa's blog clicking through her amazon affiliate button, 
leave her a comment so she knows you stopped by.
Who doesn't love getting a sweet note on a blog?
And I'm sure Lisa would enjoy knowing you visited.

If there is anything I can do, any questions I can answer for you,
in your efforts to help the family out, please contact me.

I'm happy to join Bonnie's weekly #5faves linkup
in hopes that a wider audience will click over, read, share, pray for the Boyles.
Please click over to peruse many bloggers' favorites...
and thank you, Bonnie, for hosting.

 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

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  1. Wonderful post! You have such a beautiful way of writing. When you hear something as tragic as this, it definitely puts your own problems in perspective. Sending prayers for Lisa and her family. We went shopping the other day and are sending a box full of good stuff for them.

    1. Aw thanks Monique for your kind words....

      Yes indeed, perspective.....

      Thanks for stopping by my friend....

  2. Thank you Chris for writing this post for Lisa and her family! Your eloquent words definitely give me a reality check! Continued prayers for them and sharing your post!


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