Saturday, June 18, 2016

Weekly Wrap: The End of the School Year Edition ~ On the Blog in the Past ~ 6/18/16

As the year winds down, we've less of a focus on school and more, 
on home!
We're finishing the curriculum, choosing courses for next year,
planning for  summer travel,
(the prep for these trips takes on a life of its own, doesn't it? )
 generally catching our breath and
 reclaiming the house from the home school  paraphernalia~ 
 stacks of books and
heaps of office supplies that made their way from the 
once- neatly organized  schoolroom to every corner!

Soccer is done for this season~ time and tryouts will tell 
where my son will be playing in Fall.....
town team or school team...neither or both!

We've been sprucing for summer~~

Doing a bit of baking~~~

I have no idea what happened!!
 My meringue hardly rose and after literally
an hour of beating, I gave up.
It stiffened, but no peaks and no fluffiness!
Usually we have no problems and turn out a light and airy topping....
Ah, well,   we'll try again soon!

We've been grabbing some quiet deck time at night,
even if only half an hour, to play some board games....
Mancala and Othello are the fave choices this week.

Mancala's addictive, isn't it? 


On the blog this week~~~ 

< Artful Friday > 


{ #5faves }


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