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What I'm Into ~ June 2016 Edition : What We're Reading, Lost, The NY Cosmos & Years Past on the Blog

Welcome June!  
And another What I'm Into style wrap up where we
link our faves, our current obsessions and
 what was happening on the blog this month in past years....
Lots of fun, thanks to Leigh of What I'm Into ~!
 and Carolyn's monthly Open Book party.

So big news~~~ if you missed my recent post....
So psyched  about blogging for our local home town 
pro soccer team.
The NY Cosmos!
Here they are being introduced at the May 28 game
where they maintained their
 #1 spot in the North American SOccer League,
 with their victory against  the Oklahoma City Rayo.:


And here are the Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Should Take Your Family
to a NY Cosmos Game~!

What we're reading lately:

on Mom's nigh table:
I'm j-u-s-t finishing up the last book in the Lake shore Chronicles.....
 I'll definitely miss the trials and day to day of the Bellamy family
as well as their friends and extended relations set against the
fictional upstate New York town of Avalon.......
But I think I might be ready for a little shift in author style.
I just can't put the Chronicles  down though once I've start them......
I'm one of those bing-until-the-series-ends kind of readers 

Give me a generational story set in a series, an upstate lake and superb writing style 
and I'm in.

Doesn't hurt that my heart is in the wilds of rural New York......
the bucolic year round setting  of Susan Wiggs's creations.
And if you didn't know that the Empire State can indeed be 
rustic, idyllic and well, country, then we need to talk.

What's next for me?
It's been over a decade since I've fallen into one of  Maeve Binchy' that's where I'll be!
Tara Road grabbed me way back in 2000
and it may sound crazy but I can almost hear my people in the 
lilt and the brogue and the style that Maeve has perfected.
Sometimes I feel like I can go home again when I read her.
It's a good thing she's written soooooo many titles

 What my youngest is reading~

The Hardy Boys #1
( ! ) 
Yay for classic boy-lit, right?
So happy he  finally gave in to my over eager 
efforts at shoving the series at him
discovered the series and is loving it!!

What We're Watching~

Favorite lines of the season so far: 

The island's not done with you yet.

Were not going to Guam are we?

I just didn't have time to talk you back into hanging yourself, 
so I took a shortcut.

Lost. Lost. Lost and still more Lost.
 I've mentioned our obsession and we're still in the thick of it.
About to finish season 5.
Trying to make it "last."
And boy do I have questions.

I mean deep questions...about 546 of them.
 You know, like.....
John is dead then not dead?
But really, this didn't shock us.
On any other show, yes.
But how could the creators kill off
Box- Man- don't- tell- me- what- I- can't- do?

And why did Frank, Ben, Sun crash land in the present leaving
Hurley, Kate and Jack back in 1977?
I know...we're not supposed to.... < yet> 

And on a lighter note~ 
 what on Earth does Sawyer see in
Don't get me wrong. I do not want to see him wind up with Kate.
I have a lot of thoughts about this, but, bottom line.......
He may not be a prize, but he did transform a lot
and really, user- Kate does not deserve him. <Just mho>
But a Sawyer/Juliet match? Um, no.
I hate to see it end so we're going to take season 6 really slow.

If you're watching tv and you're not watching Lost....
well, you're not just missing a show.
You're missing an experience.
A journey.....

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  1. I haven't read any Susan Wiggs novels but, like you, I am a series binger! I'll look into these.

    1. Well I do hope you'll enjy,Barb!! I have a feeling you will....let me know!

      Thx for stopping by!


  2. I've tried to nudge my son towards the Hardy Boys, too, but I think he's only read a couple of them. On Lost, I was never a fan of the Sawyer/Juliet pairing. It didn't do anything for me. Great series though. Thanks for linking up again!

    1. I forgot you're a LOSTie as well, Carolyn!! I knew there was another reason I liked you, my friend!!

      Thanks for stopping by!!


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