Friday, August 26, 2016

Adirondack Memories 2016 ~ "Loyal" Five MInute Friday #fmf

Joining the tribe of Five Minute Friday writers
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...annnnnnd 5,4,3,2,1...begin~ 

The clink of the backgammon dice on a rainy day and the splash of dockjumping and King of the Hill on a scorched, sunny one.
  The glassy lake reflecting pines and the lemon yellow and ivory lily pad flowers arching heavenwrd.....

The connect the dots pattern of mosquito bites we all bear and the roasted to perfection s’mores. The pungent aroma of a campfire through hair and sweatshirts.
And nothing says‘summer’ like that smell.

The whipsers of “Did you SEE that one?” as a midnight  meteor arcs  across black velvet sky, centuries old pine trees framing. 

And the hushed, “Hey can you find Cassiopeia up there?”

  And the tapestry of our family history, here, in this serenity?  Often it comes crashing with such ferocity, I am back again. It is 1973 or it is 1978 or it is 1982. And I am here as a child. 

Or it is 2012. Or 2016. And these squealing, splashing, fishing, frolicking kids are mine.

Loyal? Yes, I'd label that  loyal.  The memories, the constancy,  the sameness.   And most vividly, the hushed, happy voices, familiar lilts and inflections, saying nothing of huge importance, but oh so important.  The safety net of loyalty.

< < I took a few extra minutes after writing in 5 to find these pics and share!  :) >> 

I'm happy to join the tribe of FMF writers at Kate's.
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This week, Kate has details on the soon to be released FMF book!
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The FMF book is due to be released on September 26th! ~~~
I'll keep you posted on purchase information, as all
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  1. Hi Chris,
    I love how you described thr loyalty of memories - this really stuck out to me; the safety net of loyalty. It made me think of the safety I've found with friends and family, how they are loyal to make you laugh and hold you when you cry. And you've made me want a smore now ☺️

    Thank you for sharing. Visiting from fmf.

    1. Thanks so much Julia!

      I appreciate your visit and your kind words!

      I'll be stopping over at your blog in a moment.

      THanks my friend

  2. Wow, this post has wonderful description--it would make a great poem!

    1. Aw, thanks so much Susan!

      I appreciate your kindness!

  3. Hello! Also visiting from FMF, and I love your descriptive and poetic post! I was attracted by the photo and mention of the Adirondacks; one of the beautiful places we have spent many summer vacations. I feel your heart in your description of how those special family memories make you feel. I have a special place in my soul for these wonderful little glimpses of God's creation. I also value each memory made with family.

    1. Yes...! I love the way you said that...wonderful little glimpses of God's creation......

      Thank you for the kind words K. Ann, as well as stopping over for a visit!

  4. Hi Chris! I love how you share all your wonderful memories and how very loyal you are to your family to help preserve these memories year after year, whether it is here on the blog, through photos or chats around your family dinner table remembering all the fun you have had together! Your posts make me want to travel more, especially to the West! :)

    1. Aw, thanks so much Tracy!

      I know you'll get out there one of these years soon.... You'll love it, I know!

      Love your visits!!


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