Monday, August 15, 2016

Adirondack Memories 2016 ~ Paradise Found

Well, my version, anyway!
This is our view right now~

I know, right?
But only if you're into mountains, lakes, 
schedule-less days,  swimming, boating,
grilling, family time.
And gazing out onto Paradise.
You have no idea how relaxed I am right now. 
Decisions? None.
Memory making? Yup.

A scrapbook, of sorts, of our time here for the past few days.
<Haven't been able to hop online since arriving
...wifi's a bit sporadic, apparently.>

< For a variety of reasons, it's been  my practice over the past two years
 or so not to post family  pictures here on the blog. 
SO the shots are devoid of the happy smiley faces around here!>

 Sunrise over the LI Sound as we're about to cross the Throgs Neck:

and once on the bridge~~~ day breaks over the East River: 

 And five hours later....we're here~!
Let the memory making begin!
We're at a tiny lake in this general historic area of the Adirondacks~
Think Last of the Mohicans...that's where we are blessed to be.

 Unfortunately, this was most of our first day:
 Still gorgeous, right?
Just hard to get the bags in the room during a monsoon!
But before you know it~ 
All was clear!
Couldn't ask for better!

On Sunday, we were able to celebrate my brother's birthday....
he lives not far from here and since we don't see him on his actual
 birthday a few weeks from now, we grab this chance!
Lots of catching up, birthday-ing and beaching it.

 At dusk, the campfires and the s'mores are definitely happening around here!
We're serious about the night time events that are going on!
Wish you could grab a sweatshirt and a marshmallow stick and join us!

Darkness falls.......

Since this is a family of athletes ( well, minus me....the nonathletic one )
we're tuning in to Olympic fever at night as well.
Go Mo! Katie! Phelps! Bolt!

 Another day, another morning,  full of promise, memories, a lake that awaits:
 If I can access the www tomorrow,
 I'll be back sharing more!

                                                                     Friends, as always, 
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

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Until next time


  1. Beautiful! I can imagine how relaxed you all are and all those smiling faces. We're having a similar sort of time. Cordie's off adventuring with Scouts in Canada and Jasper and I are in introvert heaven, walking with the dogs on the beach, reading on the balcony and swimming in the sea... Bliss!

    1. Wow, sounds like a wonderful, memory-creating span of time, Lucinda!

      Thanks so much for stopping in and continue to enjoy!!


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