Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Blowout" Perfect ( and Inexpensive ) Halloween Costumes for the Kids < #write31days >

This month, I'm joining  Write 31
writing off  a one word prompt daily.
So here goes - - today's prompt: BLOWOUT,
which I decided to make alllllll about hugely discounted
Halloween costumes for the littles.
The Big Day's only ten days away and
if you're still searching for just the "right" one
 whether old stand by's or popular-this-year costumes,
I've got you covered!   

Here we go~
Let's keep this simple so you can get right to shopping! 


M-i-c-k-e-y- M-o-u-s-e!!

 Cute, right?
And hey, you might want to click back to last year's post:

5 Halloween Must Haves ~ 
Frugal Tricks & Treats Too Cute to Spook! 
Plus a Walking Dead Make Up Tutorial

For those who'd like to have some science-y Halloween fun,
here's my Skeletal System Unit Study
complete with  tons of awesome resources, 
books, movies, cookie, crafts 


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