Wednesday, October 19, 2016

"Notice" < #write31days > & a Book Giveaway for all the Moms Out There!

This month, I'm joining  Write 31
writing off of a one word prompt daily.
I'm thrilled to take part and hope my writing 
improves and deepens, given 
a "forced" appointment with my blogger draft daily!
So here goes: 

Just a few signs from our cross country travels over the years
 that "fit" today's theme,
AND some Wordless Wednesday fun too! 
Unreal, isn't  it??

 Were Wild Bill was shot and killed, back to the door,
holding aces and eights in 
No. 8 Saloon, Deadwood SD

Along the road to the top of Pike's Peak, CO in 2013.
We thought it was a joke!
Turns out, many do actually believe Sasquatch frequents the area.

Lest you think a hike to the very bottom of the Grand Canyon is
literally, " a walk in the park," you'd be wrong!
This sign is at the halfway point as a suitable warning!

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Now, for more on the "NOTICE" theme:

Two giveaways for you, my friends~ 

~ 1 ~
Have you heard about the 
What are you waiting for??
Go ahead over and enter!
Good luck!
Dayspring is a partner in the #write31days challenge!!


~ 2 ~

My friend Lis  recently wrote an ebook......
The book sounds phenomenal and according to Lis,
"It was a topic burning in my heart and I wanted 
to share it with others."
Sounds amazing!

Now here's the giveaway part:
The first 500 readers who click over to Lis's blog 
on Thursday October 20 ( tomorrow) 
will be gifted this lovely book f-o-r   f-r-e-e!! 

How about that?
No catch, no fees, just free.
For you.
Becuase Lis is that kind of girl.

Here you go:

Now if you're not one of the lucky winners,'you can still
 click here to buy the book  for only $3!!

Thanks Lis and good luck everyone!


The Five Minute Friday book is available! 
I'm privileged to have a story included  within~~

All profits from the book will be divided equally between 
two ministries in South Africa: 

So, grab the book, support essential ministries, enrich your life!
And join us for #FMF this Friday and every Friday!

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 Friends, as always,  
thank you for stopping over and 
spending some of your precious time 
here at my home on the web!

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  1. Funny thing about the speed limit notice of 75 MPH - we were visiting TX a couple years ago, from Hawaii. The fastest road on the island is 55, I think. We felt so free when when were on the stretch of road that was either 75 or 80 in TX!! So, I chuckled when I saw your picture - ours was from a moving car in the middle of the night (LOL)!!


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