Wednesday, October 5, 2016

"Silence" < #write31days >

This month, I'm joining  Write 31
writing off of a one word prompt for 
five minutes per day, much like  #fmf .
I'm thrilled to take part and hope my writing 
improves and deepens, given 
a "forced" appointment with my blogger draft daily!
                                                                    So here goes, in five: 


Silence awakens the seeker, the thinker, 
the do-er in us, no?
All the times, the moments, that are silence-filled....
They're memory laden and bursting with sights, aromas,
sort of 'compensating' for the quiet.
Making the silence priceless. 

On a snowy northern evening...... the hush of winter
 holding hands with swirling, icy flakes
and muffling wicked whipping wind.

On an Adirondack morning..... the whistle of a loon 
breaking the hushed perfection just after dawn.....
almost as if we're looking at a photo
 rather than wading by the shore.
Lake waters lapping rhythmically, soothingly.
Filled with the promise of today and the memories of the past.

The home, our home, on an autumn afternoon,
  when  sun's rays casually filter through the blinds,
casting nothingness now...just dust.
Used to be the silhouettes of the little ones
shadowed there.....
Now growing and with their own schedules

The silence....
 ....embracing and fulfilling the quiet, rather than avoiding it.

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  1. "They're memory laden and bursting with sights, aromas,
    sort of 'compensating' for the quiet" Favorite line. I just love it! Oh and really cool seeing Susan's book featured. She's awesome.

    1. Natalie
      Thanks for the kind words and for stopping by!


  2. I love this... (and I just got my FMF book in the mail yesterday! I can't wait to dig in and read everyones' posts!)

    1. Thanks Karrilee!

      I appreciate your visit....thanks for the kind words..... I loved the FMF stories. Couldn't put the book down!

  3. Chris! I'm glad you shared this post over at Bobbi's! I read it earlier this week, LOVED it, didn't comment because I said I would come back...and then never came back. Here I am now, though! I love how you filled "silence" with so much preciousness in that first paragraph. So beautiful and true! All of it has such a nostalgia and desire for presence and embrace! Beautiful!

    1. Amanda~

      Thanks for s topping by and leaving a comment!!

      i'm clicking over to your blog now too...looking fwd to getting caught up on others' write 31~

      God bless

  4. What a beautiful reflection, Chris. That FMF looks really interesting. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for linking up! :-)

    1. Aw, thanks so mch Bobbi!!

      Yes! Pls join in the FMF.... I think you'll enjoy the writing community there!

      Thanks for stopping over!

  5. My favorite line..."The silence ....embracing and fulfilling the quiet, rather than avoiding it." Thank you!


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