Monday, October 3, 2016

"Wardrobe" < #Write31Days >

This month, I'm joining  Write 31
writing off of a one word prompt for 
five minutes per day, much like  #fmf .
I'm thrilled to take part and hope my writing 
improves and deepens, given 
a "forced" appointment daily!
So here goes, in five: 


You can tell,  you can always tell, when a picture was snapped.
What period...right?
The cars, the buildings, the background...
but mainly the wardrobe.
My parents' 73rd anniversary is today and as I tap this out I glance around at
photos that now conjure memories, with the speed, 
the rush of a car moving down the highway. 

   And the pictures. The albums that fill the tables, 
Spilling the story of a life well lived and well loved. 

Of grace filled days. Words lovingly and patiently spoken.

 Mom, even younger, looking very Maureen O’Hara. 
In a-lower-west-side-daughter-of-immigrants-way that only first generation Irish-Americans can muster. 
Without even knowing. Until perhaps a lifetime later,
 when scrapbooks are perused and expressions examined..

As if she just finished the talk. The “You will come home and we will have a life” talk.

Well, he did. And they did.

For 49 years, they had some life.

 And you can almost hear, if you really listen, the mournful strains of “Sentimental Journey,” plucked out by a makeshift band at battleship’s starboard side. 

A haunting ballad.
The Greatest Generation, indeed.

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 A few months ago, the idea was launched to compile the #fmf stories
 into a book, which was undertaken by one of our own, Susan,
sent countless hours organizing and readying the stories
for book form  (Thank you Susan!) 
and right now,
 The Five Minute Friday Book is available for purchase!

The book contains glimpses of hearts:
 many stories, many peeks into writers' souls,
 all written in five minutes flat.

~~ I'm honored that one of my stories is  included within~~ 

And here's the absolute, best part:
When you buy the book you're supporting 
two vital ministries in South Africa!

All profits from the book will be divided equally between 
two ministries in South Africa: 

So, grab the book, support essential ministries, enrich your life!
And join us for #FMF this Friday and every Friday!

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  1. How beautifully written! One of my favorite things to do is browse through old photographs. So much history there!

    1. Yes, Heidi!! I love that as well....the stories within are just captivating!

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. I love what you wrote. In just one word you captured so much. It's so true that the clothing shows so much of the time period, the generation, what was going on in the world...

    1. Yes---so true, Sara..... and I love how the writing prompt kind of "forces" that sort of thinking too! I would not have thought to write in this direction if not for the "wardrobe" cue!

      Thanks for visiting! I plan to click over to your blog as well today!


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