Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Those Vows, Those Words ~ 20 Years of Marriage & Protecting the Holy Innocents of Today

If those weren't the fastest two decades of our lives.

Blink and it's 2016.
And by the way, the you-haven't-changed-a-bit thing?
Thanks, but there are these  middle aged, different looking  people
 staring back  from the mirror's reflection these days.
 You're too kind though.😏

And thank God that we took our vows as a sacrament, because, well, 
mercy, patience, partnership and never-giving-up.

This verse, read at our wedding mass, has
come to life for us countless times.
When choosing readings, I felt it a bit overdone, overused,
one of those everyone seems to have at their masses too...
especially as we tied the knot in the midst of a three year span of time where
seemingly all our friends were as well.
It was wedding mass after wedding mass and 1 Corinthians 13 seemed to get,
well, I hate to say it, but.....old.
I know it is due in large part to
the words spoken at our mass within the readings
the fact that we were married within our Catholic  faith
that has kept us, from not throwing in the towel.
That, and the fact, that we do actually still like each other.
The essence of  patience, kindness,
 not being envious, proud or boastful, as 
St Paul explained the meaning of "love" allllll those years ago....?
Well, smart man, that St Paul.

Other readings at our mass? They honored defenseless babes 
mercilessly and cruelly slaughtered that day, 
three days after the birth of our Savior.
It  was actually  a convenient twist of availability
 on the part of the church and the catering hall,  that  we were married
on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year's,
on the day  that we Catholics deem the Feast of the Holy Innocents.

Oh, back then, I casually recognized Herod's savagery in the Gospel readings;
I absolutely did.
But did I truly ever  feel the depth of compassion and remorse and,
well, anger...that I should have, that we all should have?
These were words that I read or listened to.
These were actions of a small - minded, threatened ruler two thousand years ago.
 I'm ashamed to say........... they were just words.
Not until three years later, when I lost my own first...through
the nightmare of miscarriage, did the horror of those sweet babies' mass killings 
 genuinely become clear to me......

In twenty years, given the ups, downs, smiles, tears,
losses, triumphs  and,of course, forced selflessness 
that comes with motherhood,
I hope I've gotten better at getting out of my own way and
recognizing the important, unseen things of life.

 A look back in time, through the lens of experience and clarity 
shows me that starting  our life together on this day,
 the Feast of the Holy Innocents, was 'in the plan.'
Our family feels called to  honor the unprotected of two thousand years ago,
on the day we were married, 
by  working as productively as possible  to protect the preborn of today.
By raising awareness and marching on Washington protesting Roe v Wade,
  by providing tangible help at our  local Birthright,
 by doing whatever is needed to defend the babies of today,
 who cannot defend themselves 
from the evil of abortion just as the innocents of the past 
were defenseless against Herod.

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  1. Happy 20th Anniversary again! :) I hope you and hubby will be able to celebrate it in a special way! We will celebrate our 20th on July 12 next year! Yes, in a blink of an eye, 2 decades do fly by! You are a beautiful bride, then and now! (Don't let that mirror tell you differently!) You are a beautiful couple and family too! I get what you are saying about just "hearing" things in the past only for it to be even more meaningful years down the road for whatever reason...I'm sorry for your loss of your precious babe. :'( Today must be bittersweet as you celebrate your marriage, but at the same time remember your child you never met this side of Heaven and the Holy Innocents...God bless you Chris!

    1. Aw, Tra ~ ~ thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a lovely comment! You're so encouraging and sweet!

      I'm just so blessed to have such wonderful friends!

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Tra 2017!


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