Thursday, January 5, 2017

7 Shows You Should be Watching this Year~ { QT }

Okay, so we're heading into the deep freeze of winter and while it doesn't
get dark around here by 3:30 PM any more ( yay! ) 
 there are some long winter nights ahead.
Sure, there are some wonderful, fun family games....
{ you know there's  a post upcoming on family game night soon, right? }
But sometimes, you just want to indulge after a long day working, mommy-ing,
homeschooling, maintaining the home, 
with a grrrrrrrrrreat show, right?
Whether it's mindless  leisure or a profound script
involving serious deep thought, I've got you covered.

Soooooo here's my a list of { relatively recent} ground break TV that isn't
just about the's about'the experience.
Here goes: 

Lost ran from 2004 until 2010

LOST ended in 2010 and 
folks...if you've not yet begun watching, for heaven's sake..... start now!
If you've seen all 6 seasons, then rewatch, because you
absolutely must have missed profundities the first time around.
I'm on my third rewatch and we're still uncovering layers of clues,
intrigue, plot development........
The mythology, the Catholic references, the mysteries, the drama,
the character development, the unexpectedness of SO MUCH......

It's not just a show. 
It's a life changing experience.

Lost Tv Series Complete

Lost on DVD

Lost ~ Amazon video

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If you liked Lost...and really, who doesn't......?
Then you're sure to be hooked on Colony .
Produced  by and starring Lost notables,  Josh and Carlton,
the show will grab you in the first five minutes!
Sarah, of The Walking Dead? Bleccch
But even with her spiritless, thin presence, the show's a keeper.
I can't say too much {SPOILERS, you know?}
But how does Josh keep ending up with manipulative users?
Season 2 starts next go get caught up!

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Revenge: Season 1

I watched and positively loved  all four seasons of Revenge this summer.
Maybe I was just pining for some good old fashioned 80's style TV 
vengeance and opulence {Cue  the Dallas theme song!  }
Or maybe I  just got a kick outta seeing so many local landmarks.....
yup, Revenge is set right here on Long Island {AKA Land of the Entitled.}
And yet, while I'm not a fan of this 120 mile long spit of land, 
I did enjoy the show which
highlights the Hamptons and other up island sites.
{ And BTW everything you've heard about LI?
It's all true, except that
we're really  not all  runaways from an F Scott Fitzgerald 
 gold coast mansion!  }
So here's the scoop......
Revenge is FUN, classy and surprising!
The acting? Hmmmmm....kinda cheesy.
The plot twists? Predictable. But still engaging!

Revenge on DVD

Revenge on amazon video

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Parenthood: The Complete Series


The Best Family Drama.
Simply the best.

You'll see yourself, your siblings, your entire family throughout the Bravermans'
trials and tribulations.
The wisdom.
The fun.
The dance parties.
The honesty.
Go watch.
This is The Most Underrated Family Drama of the 2000s!

Parenthood on DVD

Parenthood on amazon video

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Brothers and Sisters: The Complete Collection box set series 1-5 [UK import, region 2 PAL format]

Mom, dad, four kids, a growing business,  California.
Picture perfect?
Hmmmmm, throw in embezzlement, infidelity, 
recently discovered half siblings, 
addiction and constant fighting over politics.
Honestly, I love every one of the Walkers.
Throw in another star or two if you came "of age" in
the 80s and were a Thirtysomething junkie.
Just watch and you'll see why.

Brothers and Sisters on DVD

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Downton Abbey: The Complete Collection

I know the whole world's DA craze has come and gone.
I'm just jumping on the bandwagon now, a few years "late."
I;m only halfway into season 1, but I adore it.
The period, the characters, the MUSIC ( WOW)
the plot development.
I. Do. Not. Want. It. To. End.
So join the party with me and we'll enjoy the  
Crawleys' story together.


DA in amazon video

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If you think you  recognize Scully ( X Files ) and Graham ( Once Upon a Time) 
 yes, you're correct.
Only they couldn't be more different in these roles as a detective and
a serial killer, respectively. 
The Fall is set in Northern Ireland  in current times
and boasts acting that is so
sensational, dialogue isn't even required to read the
characters' minds.
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And I think my FAVORITE show right now is~~~~
This is Us!

It's smart, deep, funny and 
So surprising.

And loaded with characters you'll wish were your friends "in real life."
If you liked Parenthood, you'll love This is Us.
Just go watch.
It's the best show you've seen in a looooooon time!
THis is Us on amazon video 

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Honorable mention goes to

Once Upon a Time: Season 1

OUaT, season 1, is positively gripping, edge of your seat drama.
The acting-----amazing.
Talk about twisted tales.
Tune in and you won't be sorry.
I've written tons about OUaT here for more info and fun, click over.

TBH though, Season 2 didn't really hold our attention and by
 season 3, all bets were off....blech.

OUaT on dvd

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Helix: Season 1 [Blu-ray, Digital HD and Ultraviolet]

Sci-fi, medical drama, superior acting!
We stumbled onto Helix by accident and were engrossed immediately.
One drawback?
The show was cancelled after season 2 
right in the midst of a heck of a cliffhanger!

And speaking of TV~~ 
Here's my The Five Best TV Shows Set in the Big Apple
{I'm from The Big Apple, so that kinda makes me an expert!! ha }

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  1. I LOVED Brothers and Sisters when it was on. My favorite character was Justin...back when I was single I used to think he was super cute. I thought it was in northern CA in wine country but CA is CA. Parenthood is also a good show. Now I'm watching This is Us which is similar.

    1. Yes~~Loving This is Us, also!!!! Can;t wait for it to return from its Christmas hiatus!

      Thx for stopping by Beth!!

  2. Good suggestions. I really liked Parenthood when it was on TV. Such a good show.

    1. Thanks for visiting!!! Yes, Parenthood's one of my all time faves!

      God bless!

  3. We all love Lost here. We have watched it time and time again but I could still pop it on and watch it. Thanks for the reminder :) Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop. Lovely to see you here Chris.

    1. Thanks, Claire, for visiting! I always love when you stop by!

      YES! We're huge LOSTies here!!1 Yes!

      God bless and have a great weekend!

  4. I've watched none of these other than Lost - an absolutely epic show. Definitely recommend that. Have Once Upon a Time on my watchlist x #WeekendBlogHop

    1. Steph,
      thanks for the visit!

      We watched OUaT for a couple of seasons and then it lost us........season 1 was amazing though....I have a feeling you'll really enjoy!

  5. Pretty sure I need to remember to start viewing "This is Us." I have heard great things about it, and never remember to watch it!

    Haven't heard of a couple of your choices, but used to routinely watch OUaT - until I missed a few episodes, which meant spending hours binging which inevitably led me to not being able to catch up with the story line. So, I stopped watching.

    Thanks for your insight into some good shows!

    1. Yes---well, you know how I feel about OUaT! Loved it for a bit.

      I hope you might be introduced to some new and fun entertainment through the post....

      Thanks for stopping by!


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