Monday, January 2, 2017

Top Ten Posts of the Year ~ A Look Back at 2016

Well, I'm continuing with the the yearly reflection
I thought I'd have some fun and 
tally the most visited posts from the past year,
Should be fun, right?
I find as the I spend time here at my home on the web,
that I'm naturally blogging less about homeschooling 
( as my kids are older now and in brick and mortar schools)
an more memoir and travel.
However, interestingly, half of these most popular posts were not written in 2016
and most of them are education and craft-y and recipe-y in  nature!

I have to THANK YOU profusely for stopping by this year and in years past.
Whether it  was a one-time visit
or you're a regular around here, I do appreciate you!
How nice it would be to pour a cup of tea and chat, wouldn't it?

from Good Friday 2013

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July 2013

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October 2016's A to Z Blogging Challenge

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August 2013

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May 2014

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April 2016
April's to Z Blogging Challenge

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Blogging for the NY Cosmos
May 2016

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May 2016

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July 2016

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April 2016's A to Z challenge

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August 2016

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7 DIY Lenten Crafts & Books ~ 

Wreaths, Crown of Thorns, Mercy Crosses,

 Crucifixion Art, Books~ 

February 2014

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  1. Chris,

    I remember many of your top posts from 2016! Thank you for sharing all your great posts and ideas, not only in 2016, but for several years!

    1. Thanks Tracy!!!

      So happy you stopped by!


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