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Ghostwalk into the Past at Fort William Henry: Adirondack Memories #atozbloggingchallenge

If you're from New York as I am, < and lucky you  😉!>
then you know that the Empire State
is not simply the concrete and glass of Manhattan's elite
and the heart of capitalism the world over.....
nor is it the solely the cinematic imaginings of Hollywood in
Fort Apache the Bronx or Taxi Driver.
Many non New Yorkers, I've found, are surprised to 
learn that our great state is actually an
 agricultural state! Seriously!
Of course, I knew much of our state is rural, 
and recently found that about one quarter of the state's land area,
 or 7 million acres,  is used by 30,000+ farms!
<Which  produce our leading products: milk and apples!>

You know my heart belongs to upstate New York, 
specifically the Adirondack region,
which has been featured quite a bit here on the blog.
And here's the view from our cabin one recent summer. .....

We've been visiting the Adirondacks with our kids every summer
since their birth, and as kids ourselves for decades prior to
meeting and marrying.
A variety of lakes have been our summer destination,
but all are held dear to us.
Swaddled deep within the old growth forests of the
Adirondack mountains is Lake George, now an uber -popular vacation spot,
 but once an outpost in the wilderness of the 1750s and 
a turning point in the French and Indian War.
In fact, much of James Fenimore Cooper's
 The Last of the Mohicans is set in Lake George
and environs.

We have visited the fort soooooo many times over 
our summers at the lake that my
kids could recite the tour guides' monologue along with them
(Yes I'm sure that was pretty annoying to the guides! )
We must have two hundred photos of the boys 
over probably six to eight
summers as  they joined the King's Army........
Don't worry, I'll only share a few of those!

< No the fort does not encourage running on the roof. 
Especially in flip flops. sigh  >
We admired, as we stepped back in time during many a steamy 
Adirondack summer afternoon......
when we could easily escape inside to the air conditioned comfort of the
gift shop....... the fortitude and perseverance 
of the men wearing those heavy woolen uniforms!

THIS summer, since we've lived the history of
the fort about two dozen times already, we decided
to embark on a different sort of tour......

So at dusk one evening, after all was shut down,
 we ghost walked through the fort.

Now, stop it...of course we didn't see Casper.


Paranormal discussion is always a lively debate, isn't it.....
with believers and non believers on each "side."
And since the area surrounding Fort William Henry
 has been the scene of innumerable battles, terrible disease and 
a harsh climate in summer AND winter,
 many feel that "ghost stories" are simply inevitable.

However...what we did experience on our tour was unique.
The stark fort in which one could easily imagine
a soldier and a night back  in 1757.

Barren barracks and untouched muskets.

Empty hallways and silence.

And some unusual colorings in the cellar prison as I snapped this shot......

Believers say that many an unsettled soul still visits the fort.....
the soldiers, the drummer boys, the nurses, the generals.....
that they wish to revisit the site of their passing.
Imaginations run wild as unexplained noises occur,
especially in darkness.

It was honestly great fun for us and a different perspective from 
which to learn about the mid 18th century!

I'd like to thank the management of the fort, who generously
gifted my family with complimentary passes for
an evening ghost tour in exchange for a 
post here on the blog.
Our tour guide was knowledgeable and lively!
I'd  absolutely encourage you, should you find yourself in
the Adirondack region, to visit Fort WIlliam Henry!
If you canNOT attend the tour or if distance prevents it,
you might like to take a look at the  Ghost Hunters episode 
for an in depth look at the fort!

Happy to join in the 2017 A to Z blog challenge!
G is for Ghost walking Ft William Henry!

And here are all of the 2016 A to Z  Blog Challenge posts~~ ~

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