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King of Kings ~ Last Supper Depictions Throughout the Ages

Christians the world over commemorate the last supper of Jesus
and the institution of the priesthood on Holy Thursday.
Jesus celebrated his last meal, a Passover feast,
 with his apostles and friends prior to his arrest and crucifixion. 
Catholics regularly hear the story of our Savior's final evening at
mass in the Eucharistic Prayer.

Depictions of our Lord's last meal, His last evening,
have always fascinated me, as one of the defining moments of our faith.
Throughout the ages many artists have captured what they feel is the essence
of that night and i'm happy to gather them in one spot here at my home on the
web to share them all.
I'm no art scholar...these are merely presented in honor
of the significance of today in our Catholic heritage.

Last Supper by Pietro Perugino
I'm drawn to the bright eye catching colors in Perugino's masterpiece.
I read the the fresco was painted in the 1480s,  
rediscovered in 1845  and attributed at first to Raphael, 
but recent critics have  agreed it was the work of Perugino.

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James Tissot's  

"The Last Supper and The Life Of Our Lord Jesus Christ

which is presented as a " gallery wrap giclee on canvas 

I find this depiction, painted in the late 1880s,
 at once unusual and fascinating.
For so many reasons. It's gripping, isn't it?

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Salvador Dali Poster Art Print - Last Supper

I don't personally love Dali's representation . 

So why include it in my list? 
Welllll, two is I simply adore a few of Dali's works. 
This is my favorite.
And the second is a fond memory of a family visit
 to the Dali Museum in St Petersburg, Florida when I was in my teens.
So for old time's sake, here it is.

Hey, you might find some redeeming quality in it!?

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For seven decades, this replica hung on the dining room wall 
in my childhood home in Queens.
Arguably  the best known rendition of Jesus's last meal.

The Last Supper,  painted in the late 1490s.

This is the "Classic Art Reproductions." 

Giclee Canvas Prints Wall Art for Home Decor .

The original hangs in the Sana Maria della Grazie in Milan.

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 The Last Supper Wall Frieze

There's just something about the simple elegance of  this tableau
that I just adore. 

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The Last Supper by Dieric Bouts

Painted in the mid 1400s by Flemish painter Bouts.
Definitely intriguing!

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The Communion Of The Apostles by Fra Angelico 

Communion of the Apostles, 1451 - 1452 - Fra Angelico

Created in 1451 by the famed  Italian  artist, this interpretation
interestingly shows Jesus administering the Eucharistic. 
The painting now hangs in the Church of San Marco in Florence.

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For lots more information on Holy Thursday, please visit Catholic. org!

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  2. Interesting to see how it has changed depending on who is the artist. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I have never seen a couple of these depictions! Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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