Friday, February 16, 2018

Friday Flashback & Weekly Wrap

A weekly walk through the archives
where past posts re-emerge!

I feel like I wrote these only recently and for some, 
it's been years.

A month ago on the blog:
"Mosts" of 2017 ~  
most visited,  most fun, most comments, most difficult to write

 A year ago on the blog~

Top 7 Must - See Movies with a Christian Theme

Two years ago on the blog~

Five Minute Friday ~  "Limit"

Three years ago on the blog

Colorful Candy Shoppe Birthday Cake  


Four years ago on the blog

A Study of Robert Frost in Words and Craft: 
Poetry Notebooks, Rhyme Scheme, Snowy Collages, 
Let it Snow Bottle and Make Your Own Snowflakes


Five years ago on the blog~

 Why a Failing Lent Really Isn't

This week on the blog~~
Oy with the poodles already:
 7 shows you need to watch this year 

Chesapeake Shores: Season 2

💟 Valentine's Day Gift Guide! 

LEGO Valentine's Kit

Privilege ~ Five Minute Friday

~ Monday minutiae ~ 

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