Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday mashup & links I love

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Sort of a weekly dumping ground of updates and features.........:
Here goes: 
I'm honored to be a part of my friend Kate's
book launch team! 
Lots of details and a "review" of the book...
which, so far, is amazing and heart-stirring....... 
well, it's Kate, so natch.....
The book's not available for purchase quite yet, 
but you can order a signed copy  
of: A Place to Land: A Story of Longing and Belonging
for just $9.99 from Discovery House, while supplies last
right  here at this link! 

Calling all Moms and / or teachers.....homeschoolers,
child care providers, anyone who works with and cares for littles!
Have I got some pret-ty darn amazing deals for you!
Educents is offering huge huge reductions on some of their
best selling, most popular items.
And not "just" book - based items either.....
(Although the Life of Fred math series for such a low price 
IS attractive! ) 

But we're  also talking about 

LearnToMod Minecraft ® - 1

Hopping on a brand new bike with Spring just around the corner

FirstBIKE Limited edition Blue - 1

Magformers Light Show Set  - 1

Click over for more Spring sales, books, toys, crafts, mind games! 

For  any friends and  readers who may have missed
my recent tribute post to a very close friend, 
 a huge influence in the Catholic blogosphere
and an advocate for special needs homeschooling,
here is Authenticity and Loss in the Blogosphere

Fans of The Office?
If you're not, well, why the heck not~~

The Office: Season 9

I follow Angela < @AngelaKinsey > on Twitter, where she shared this article.
If you binge re-watch, you're not alone.
Hey, we thought we were over here!
Get the scoop on others fans' Office  addictions!

Let me close with this stunning video montage

of my homeland--Ireland, in honor
of Paddy's Day, approaching so quickly!
With an Italian last name, one might know I'm really 100% Irish.
Though many say it's evident.
Ach and me poor chiselers ( kids ) are only the wee 1/2 Irish! 😏
Enjoy !

< Cliffs of Moher on the west coast > 

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