Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Life & blogging during the tough stuff ~ Just be brave

My friends, my readers...
my people.....!
This is so long in coming.
Sounds cliche, but wow, I've missed you.
You have no idea how much I've missed you.
While I can't detail these past months since 
my last contact with you ......yet........
I am finally achieving some clarity and I'm ready
to reach out briefly to say simply ~ 
I'm here  ~  I'll be back soon ~  And I love you guys.

Okay, sigh....a little backstory? 
  Campfires and Cleats started out over six years ago 
as a small homeschool blog
where I'd share some curriculum, ideas, crafts,
theater, liturgical year tidbits, fun.
The homeschool life.

Gradually, I broadened scope and
 began blogging toward home.
Writing regular memoir type poems and prose on childhood,
family, summer, the seasons of life,
 the making of a house into a home.

Then......a gradual evolution toward  family travel
became the focus here.
Recounting our cross country treks, adventures,
partnerships with companies and brands as we journeyed
through 47 states and too - many - to - name national parks,
monuments, cities, historical and natural wonders.

Through all my chronicles, I've met remarkable people.
You are not "just"'re friends...
you've become part of my life.
Yup, my blog became my happy place where friends
across six continents ...yes six continents!!!.......
stopped by, shared lives, loves, stories.
As you can see, I've had a hard time
niche-ing my blog and I think my home on the web will just have
to keep reflecting life in all its
blinding beauty and its messy broken pieces
and un-niched, uncategorized-ness.

So....... a  new transition...a new focus? Sort of.....
Because  I find that when my life transitions, my writing does too~

Because authenticity  is what I'm all about
in "reality" as I am here on the blog.

Because support for one another should be accessible and present
and should not be silent.

Because not everyone who needs strength appears to be in need.

Because strong women silently build and support one another.

Because when the hard things happen
over and over and over like
the relentless pounding of the surf with
no relief and seemingly no way out...........take a breath,
say a prayer and make a move.
There is always a way.
Especially with the Lord and your people in your corner.

Because your tribe is key.
Once you let them in, they're there for you more than you know.

Because some will disagree with the steps you take.
They are not you........
You  know what you need to do.
And step one is blocking out the noise and following your instincts.

Because you can only practice forgiveness and mercy 
for so long before you break.

Because you'll get that miracle you prayed will.
But... you might need help recognizing it.
 God is good and He does provide and you know this already.
He may not give you what you ask for but 
He'll give you what you need.

Because when tough stuff happens, 
it'll be more clear than ever that
 fear and courage are two sides of the same coin.

Because no one has a monopoly on that courage or on that fear.
 You can do this.

Because you have what it takes.

Because  I'm here if you need someone.

Because these words are truth: 
He knows not his own strength who has not met adversity
~Samuel Johnson

Because of transition in my life  now and 
the  offer of  condolences are prevalent
 ........... while that's generous and seemingly appropriate......... 
 relief and happiness are in order.
And more is forthcoming.
I wish I didn't have to shroud but I do.

Because JPII's words mean more now
than ever......"Be not afraid."

As an aside, in terms of discretion......
 If you want to talk, comments are moderated
 and only posted through my approval.
If you need to communicate with me and don't wish your comment 
published, it will not be published.
I will reply privately.
Alternatively, email is an option:

And friends, thanks for sticking around.....💛

Thank you for spending some of your precious time today
here at my home on the web.

Until next time,


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  2. Thanks, Chris, for sharing your heart here. I'm a first time reader, but have also been blogging for a few years, so I understand a lot of what you're saying in terms of valuing the insights and encouragement of an online community! Blessings to you as you discover your niche and continue to share your heart.

  3. Chris, I'm new to your blog, just coming over from #MMBH. Looks like you've been away for 5 months. Welcome back to the blogosphere!

  4. Love the fact that your blog evolved as you did! thanks for the reminder to be brave!


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