Thursday, March 28, 2019

Dreams for our Families: Parenting Summit

 We've all spent time seeking God’s hopes and dreams for our children.

Has anyone ever told you that you are doing an AMAZING job as a parent, while also caring enough about your family to give you some tips to ENJOY your days a little more and ENCOURAGE you to ask for God’s help to grow into a MORE EXPERIENCED parent?!  

Hmmmmm, I'm thinking this isn't so common.....

That is why I was so thrilled when my friend Kate Cavanagh told me she was hosting an interview series about parenting with God’s help, which is actually born out of her own experience in Montessori education .

Kate was surprised at how difficult she found Motherhood and realized that her path out of overwhelm lay in accessing GREAT parenting resources AND taking the time to share her heart with wise friends.

And this is exactly what Kate is offering in this Christian Parenting Summit:  Real conversations, deep listening, and lots of compassion. It’s called “Raising Happy Healthy Christian Kids:  How to parent and educate your child in line with God’s Vision”.     

And I have a complimentary ticket for you to attend.  That’s right, it’s completely free!  You can register using this link   And hey, you'll be able to listen to it from your couch, your kitchen, or on the go.

These interviews with parenting experts are short, real and raw.  ( annnnnnnnd......I'm along them! How awesome - - and humbling - - to have been asked by Kate to participate!! )

They are coaching style conversations which are designed to help us apply the experts’ knowledge to our real lives.  They cover topics as diverse as toddler tantrums, teaching children to cook, growing in our identity as parents, realizing we are loved for who we are And in my case, a discussion of homeschool balance and teaching your child with learning differences including my new book!

Sign up right here to listen for yourself!

This series is for women who want to relax into Motherhood with the grace and joy that God offers us, but who are challenged by the many obstacles of our everyday life.  For people who are curious to look at their parenting or grandparenting, and themselves, and their children, through God’s loving eyes.
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PS Kate “gets it”, she knows we need to take a deep breath and apply parenting theory in a way that is grace-filled and flexible for our individual families. This is a powerful combination, and here’s the link one last time