Sunday, January 20, 2013

Classic Whovian-Bard Fun

                                                A little Bard/Whovian humor this morning:


This absolutely hilarious clip had us rolling last night!  If you are  Doctor Who and Shakespeare crazy,  as we are, you will love it.  Even if you're not, go click over and enjoy. 

 We became huge DW fans upon watching David Tennant as Hamlet in the BBC's Shakespeare Retold version  a few years. ago. The boys were in a homeschool production of "Hamlet" and we were hooked on every movie version we could find. Of course, once we found out that Hamlet was The Doctor, well, we had to look into it!  There was no turning back. We've been DW fans for years now.

If you think I'm trying to convert my non-Whovian friends into DW fans, you're right.

So, anyway, "Hamlet?"  Kev played the title role. He had just turned 11 here. As you can see, he loved it.


I snapped over  200 pictures of "Hamlet" in rehearsal and many from which to choose! Yikes. I may need to devote an entire post to each of the shows my guys were in.....good way to keep memories and pictures organized, no?

So back to something being rotten in Denmark: Timmy held three roles:

                                                            The messenger, Osric.

The Player King in the-play-within-the-play

And also, the guard, Francisco, in act 1, scene 1, which I don't seem, oddly enough , to have taken any pictures of! Hmm, how did THAT happen?

You remember :
"Nay, answer me, Stand and unfold come most carefully upon your hour..."  
Of course, you do.  Well, that was  him.

                                  <sigh> These kids love the theater. So enriching too! Awesome.

We have a few colds and sore throats along with mass and basketball games today.<sigh> I hope the boys  kicks these bugs in time for our busy week ahead: .much schoolwork, play rehearsals, music lessons, basketball games& practices and The March for Life on Friday in D.C.

Have a lovely day friends!
Thank you for stopping in today.


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