Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Not So Wordless

Wednesday's Weekly Scrapbook: 

(My version of  Wordless Wednesday!)

All photos copyrighted. Please do not use,)

Project for the Diocesan  "Respect Life"contest......he created  a marvelous, moving and beautifully crafted video. I can't wait to share it once it has been judged! 
He submitted his project this week and we're SO proud of the work he did, the effort, the love, the attention to detail.

 Saturday 1/19:
Wow, the team tried sooooo hard. and worked together to hold their own!
That's him...#13! 

 Sunday 1/20: Great game, big loss, but still...great teamwork

Lego space shuttle creation -  a Santa gift:

Writing an essay on the causes of the Spanish American War. And actually, that period in our history is pretty fascinating:

A cute little art project Timmy is working on, which is not quite finished, but I couldn't resist taking a snap of it anyway.

I am so happy to link up with Nancy of Do Small Things with Love for Wordless Wednesday! Please head over to her blog for links to others who have linked up as well!

                                                  Small Things

Have a wonderful day, friends!

Util next time,



  1. Love the photos! :-) My wordless Wednesdays are never very wordless, either! :-) God bless!

    1. Thanks, Lisa, for stopping to say HI!

      Love your pics too!
      Have a great day


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