Friday, February 15, 2013

Artful Friday: Lenten, Papal and Valentine Crafts

Good morning!  

What a week!  Lots to talk about today!   I mention here that I'll be devoting Fridays in my blogging to The Arts.

Well, this was a big week, a huge week.  And so, we spent time exploring, in many ways, our solemn Lenten season, St Valentine's Day and, of course, our Holy Father's announcement.  

I'd love to share our art  projects from this week; they relate to the holiday, the liturgical year  and the historic:

Lenten activity:
Play Dough Crown of Thorns:                                             
                                                     Step 1: Create 3 strands.

Step 2: Braid 

                                                         Step 3: Form crown

                                                    Step 4: Add "thorns"  (toothpicks)

Completed crowns:


We'll be removing "thorns," representative of our sacrifices, symbolically easing Christ's suffering  by doing so, throughout these 45 days.  Since Lent has only been  underway for a couple of days now;  there's still time do this with your kids if you have not as of yet. ~:) 
You can also find these crowns  at Catholic Icing and  Chasing Fireflies. We made our own variations of the crowns pictured there. Thanks to these ladies for such inspiring tips! 
Papal Flag and symbols-
To learn more about the papacy and Papa Ben, you might like to look into these resources. While we researched and discussed the historical news of the week, the kids  created  from this site:

                                               Vatican City World Flag Coloring Page at

We  crafted  our own papal flags  using  cardstock and, yup, more  play dough ( to make the symbolic keys.)  We got the idea here and ran with it.

We also began watching this amazing movie on the life of Bl John Paul II. It's a bit over three hours long and given our other commitments, we've not had that much of a stretch to enjoy it in one sitting. Wow. Definitely memorable and eye opening.We're huge devotees of Blessed JPII; regardless, it is truly gripping!

 Valentine Craft~
John 3:16

First time we've actually done this pretty popular craft. How cute, how easy and how fun!
My younger son created this one, which I found several Valentine's Days ago here. 

Some shots of the project:


 "Hearts" Bingo~


Boards created by the boys, using  math skills, of course, in order to measure and to decide which factors and multiples would be written on the boards.  We played some fun, traditional "bingo," using "HEARTS" instead. ( Ex ~ H8 )

But we also practiced math facts.
For example~ "S  2x2x3" or "R 77 divided by  7" or "T 5 squared plus 3"

Of course, there were Valentine-ish prizes!

Piano study
In this post, I share some resources that we use for our piano study and here's a fun recorder songbook

Friends, have a wonderful, family-filled weekend...we have two more performances of Timmy's play, which were rescheduled after last weekend's blizzard. So happy that worked out. The show is brilliant!  Also, two basketball games, weekly Lenten stations of the cross at which the boys are "serving," as well as a special mass on Sunday celebrating  a giving and caring deacon in our parish. It will be busy, that's for sure, but I hope to squeeze in much home keeping and some fun family time as well.

Please feel free to share your art tips/ideas in the comments below. I'd love that an I'm sure others would too.

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  1. What great traditions for this time of year. While I am not Catholic I do enjoy learning what others do. I will look into the movie about Pope JPJ II as he is the one I remember from childhood when my mother sat us down to watch his acceptance as the Pope (sorry don't know the correct word). My husband and I had the privilege to go to Vatican city many years ago and I just loved it.

    I will do the same this time with my children have them watch it on TV!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping and commenting!
      Isn't the Vatican just breathtaking? My husband and I were there too, many years ago. Hope to take the kids in a few years.
      But, yes, we too are learning so very much about the papacy, given this historical week.
      Have a wonderful day:)
      Love your comments..

  2. Thanks for visiting me, Chris! Your guys look like they had a great time! Thanks for sharing! Blessings to you and the family!

    1. Thanks to you too, Jen....heading to your blog now for more Lenten ideas!

  3. Hi Chris, I wish I had seen this post a couple of days ago. I was looking for a resource on the papal flag! Perhaps I can squeeze it into next week's plan.


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