Monday, February 18, 2013

Memoir Monday: And This is Lent

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 As  we enter the Lenten season fully,  I  find this verse penned by Emily Dickinson  especially true. Especially poignant. And so, I reflect.....

"Tell all the truth
But tell it slant
Success in circuit lies."

Who knows what called The Belle of Amherst  to these words. Was it deep and painful?  Or were the words jotted superficially? We'll never know the cause, but we  feel their impact upon us as we  reread and relive them. 

Her words, beautiful,  cause me to ponder other words, not so beautiful.   And very not-truthful words in a recent painful episode. People can hurt. And  deeply.

 And the truth? Most importantly, The Truth? It gets jumbled, twisted, til it no longer exists. Words stain. Sometimes. Ugly stains. 

Avoidance over candor, chosen.

  Carelessly. Once inflicted, not erased. No, not easily. Smudges, stains remain.  
Words. Blame. 
 And this is Lent:  The refused offer when  approached, of bridging, of  fixing, of making the hole, whole. 
And this is Lent : Begging the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 
How to follow where the Holy Spirit leads? Continued prayers. For reparation.   For healing. For the ability and the grace to forgive. For the grace not to hurt others as we've been hurt.
And to live a life that is honorable, that gives glory to God. 
Minds free from judging. Hearts free from burden. 

For God will salvage the charred ruins. He will redeem. In time.

                                                detailed cross illustration

Not an especially upbeat reflection, but it is Lent and this is  what is paramount  as my family moves forward. As I  reflect. As I  live Lent.

Now, it's your turn.  You have no idea just how much your words mean and how inspirational you can be.   We are eagerly anticipating your stories, your heart, your thoughts. 

Until next time,

Have a lovely day,


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  1. Thanks for hosting, friend! Hope the first few days of your Lent have been meaningful! God bless, Lisa

    1. Lisa
      Thank YOU for linking!!
      Heading to your blog now...


  2. Chris, beautiful, but this stood out: "For the grace not to hurt others as we've been hurt." It feels so human to want to strike back. And perhaps it is. It is supernatural to not follow through. Thanks for these wise reminders of where we're at, and for bringing me back here through taking time to read some of my words tonight. Hugs and blessings as you move forward!

    1. Hi Roxane-
      Thanks for commenting and for the kind words.....And yes, I need that constant reminder to hold back and not "retaliate," esp where my kids are hurt.....AND not to hurt.
      Lent is coming at a good time for me, personally.... I definitely need that constancy hanging over my head!

  3. I love Emily Dickinson poetry. Enjoy your Lent. Did you give up anything for the season:). YOur sone did a great job on your new button.

    1. Hi there Ann Marie-
      Yes, me too...We are getting back into her too..
      Thx for the compliment...My Kev created the button...he's a good kid to have around! Thx for the comment...

  4. Hi Chris. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Emily's poem. Lovely! Lent is a great time to reflect on where we are in our faith walk. I added my link - hope you'll visit.

    Love your son's button :-)

    1. Sue,
      I'm thrilled that you stopped by and took the time to link up! Thank you for he kind comment --- I'm headed over to your blog right now.


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