Sunday, February 3, 2013

Memoir Monday: Dorothy's Ruby-Red Shoes

 Welcome back to Memoir Monday!

In a previous Memoir Monday post, I mention wisdom from William Maxwell,  fiction editor for the  "New Yorker" for over forty years. He edited John Cheever and John Updike and was an amazing writer in his own right.  He believed that to write, all you need to remember is  the slam of your childhood home's screen door.

Makes sense, right? You have what you need to write what you know. Just like Dorothy's ruby-red shoes, we've had it with us all the time.

But it's transposing our life's details into real content that's well... difficult at times...isn't much of what we live  beautifully just  simple, ordinary, everyday....  ? That's what we need to record, to capture. 

 Because there is no such thing as ordinary.

And so, I reminisce on the everyday...........

 Startling blue skies.  Crisp, clear mornings and halcyon spring afternoons. An impromptu game of marbles. Discovering a family of ladybugs on the kitchen windowsill. Jungle animals imagined in drifting cloud formations. Quiet togetherness watering newly planted pansies. Joyful noise in piano and recorder tunes.

Dec 2012

  One boy’s huge chocolate- brown eyes peering over a splayed hand of Uno; the other’s pensive azure-blue eyes taking in a thick, juicy new novel. Sipping steaming hot cocoa following wintry sledding; icy lemonade following a summer bike ride. Bare, little boy feet slapping dewy grass at dusk on an early summer evening, catching and releasing fireflies, whoops of excitement uncontainable.       
      The little things, the quiet moments. Yes, it’s the many years of Christmas morning memories: The family video of flannel feet-y- pajama clad kids  excitedly zipping down the stairs to squealingly uncover a myriad of surprises peeking from stockings,  peering from under The Tree. It’s capturing the awed whispers of “H-O-W did Santa know I would love this??”

It’s the framed birthday cake photos, number candle poking askew out of whipped confection, huge, often toothless grin, on crowned head. And the always party theme-accessorized honoree: western, pirate, firefighter, space, science, medieval. One year, he wants to grow up to be King Arthur; the next, Neil Armstrong; the next, Watson or Crick.

  The friends, growing closer and always there, gathered through the years, crowding, sidling up to the birthday boy, gathering, smiling and excited, into The Cake Picture.
May 2008
But it is also the unspoken. The camaraderie, the presence, the connection. So sublime; there are no words for it, this deeply layered bond.
     Sitting side by side, one son grappling with Latin adverbs, the other conquering ratios.  Immersed in Narnia, in recreating a favorite van Gogh, or in crafting an Egyptian pharaoh’s staff on a sun dappled deck hour after hour.

       The Moments woven through family, learning, life, are boundless and I am blessed.  Suddenly, I realize, startlingly, that This is why my parents were sent their fifth child. This is why my husband’s parents were sent their third. This is why we both came to be. For this. Everything leads to this, our calling.

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  1. What a beautiful post, friend. I especially love when you said that is why God gave your parents their fifth child and your husband's parents their third. Wow. Such wonderful memories and reflections written in such a way that just touch my heart! God bless you! Lisa :-)

    1. Lisa-
      Thank you so much for your lovely compliment Lisa...I am headed over to your read your post now...looking forward to it:)
      Thanks for joining the blog hop...

  2. Very lovely indeed! Some of the sweetest things in life are those special memories as you describe and collect on these Memoir Mondays...what a wonderful touch to our weeks! Thanks for sharing your life!! +Denise

    1. Denise
      Thank so much, Denise, for your lovely comment, and for linking up to Memoir Mondays!
      I am honored that you share your reflections in the blog hop.
      Have a great day, friend.

  3. WOW look at those cakes, did you make them yourself? I am afraid I lack the cake decorating skill gene so I store buy mine:) I am always so impress when I see what others can do.

    1. Yes, we did make them....and actually, they're not hard...once you try it, you'll be hooked on making your own.

      THANK YOU for stopping in and commenting!

  4. I have been totally inspired to get out my journal again. It is important to remember these special ordinary moments.

  5. Carrie~
    THANK YOU for the kind words!!

    I appreciate your visit and the sharing of your thoughts! it IS important, true!!

    Thanks so much!

  6. What a beautiful collection of everyday moments!

    1. Aw, thank you so very much, Gina!!
      Thanks, too, for visiting!


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