Thursday, February 7, 2013

Preparing for Lent: Our Traditions

As someone who just took her Christmas tree and household decor down this weekend and stashed it all away,  am I really equipped to be giving "tips" on Lenten prep? :)

Well,  here are a  few of our Lenten traditions, keeping in mind that simplicity is key and it's  sometimes the no - frills, yet memorable rituals that are the meaningful:

We "Bury the Alleluia" on Fat Tuesday. 
I have these lovely wooden letters , which spell out "ALLELUIA"   resting against our fireplace.  Here's a fun activity at Catholic Icing on just this- the burying of the Alleluia.  Absolutely love Catholic Icing, don't you?

We then set these austere letters
against the mantle ( well, we really don't have  a mantle, just a little stone ridge there above the fireplace) for the next 40 days, along with purple votive candles  in glass holders which will be set on our coffee table, which we light  when we........

. ..... read this wonderful title, part of Ytreeide's historical fiction series, set during the time of Christ's crucifixion. If you don't yet know  of it, please look into it. You'll be very happy you did. You will find it  a wonderful supplement to your Lenten studies.

                                               Amon's Adventure: A Family Story for Easter (Paperback) ~ Arnold... Cover Art
We also read the Bible each day, comparing and contrasting each of the four gospel's versions of our Lord's passion and crucifixion.  We use this version, which we enjoy. It really suits our style.

Nightly in -  depth discussion around the scripture and our carefully chosen literature, while we eliminate all but the most crucial of evening commitments, has proven, over the past few Lenten seasons, to be effective and inspirational for all of us! 

More of our Lenten traditions coming soon..... :)

Thank you for stopping in, friends, and  please share one or two ( or more!) of your family's Lenten activities  in the comments! Thank you!

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    1. Thank you, Allison!
      And yours, we well.....

  2. Chris, thanks so much for this. It sounds like a beautiful tradition. I'm going to be writing an article on Lent soon for our daily newspaper so this was good food for thought as I pursue that. Also, I tried signing up for your blog updates but something wasn't right. Have others had issues? I'd like to have more frequent reminders so I don't miss your lovely posts. Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Hey Roxane
      No, not that I know of(though I get many page views per day, I do not have many "followers" though...) I nahve not ehard of a I signe up as a follower myself under a different email address I have where I keep my educational yahoo groups...
      I did not have a problem!
      I do find though, that I often cannot leave comments or subscribe to the blogs of those who do not have blogger. So often, word;press and typepad blogs are not easy for me to subscribe to....I;m so sorry about that!
      I'll go to the blogger help page and see if there are any guidelines on this!
      Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Excellent ideas here! Thanks for sharing them for us non-crafty types who still want to try a few things here and there! :)

    1. Thank YOU Lisa, for stopping in and commenting....
      Hey, your stations of the cross post is just so lovely. Beautiful!
      God bless


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