Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Recipe Tuesday: Bailey's Irish Hot Cocoa

Good morning friends!

Love a Tuesday! We're getting deeper into the school/work week and while we maintain  the momentum, how fun  it is to be able to connect with friends through recipe link ups and in the process, swap tasty and practical recipes!

Now as for my weekly share......... Since many forego sweets during the Lenten season,  I hesitate to link this one...BUT it is still winter and with temps dipping into the single digits many evenings, we do, I have to confess, indulge in  an occasional hot cocoa on these coooooold nights.....

And then I think of  my reflection expressed here in one of my Lenten posts 
or here in another and that pretty much summarizes sweets-during-Lent.

 Okay, so onto this couldn't-be-easier recipe that my husband concocted last winter on a frigid night....
Start out with your favorite mug and : 

One package of  cocoa mix 
 in 1 C boiling water:   

  Drop in 1 tbsp of Fluff ( a staple in our house):
(My son had fun cropping these pictures...:)

Now HERE's the s-e-c-r-e-t ingredient:
1 tbsp of either of these absolutely yummy creamers:

Both are delish and will make your hot cocoa to-die-for:
On the left: French Vanilla. On the right: Original Irish Creme.
Both are in our fridge right now!

 Curl up under a cozy blanket with your kids , a good book and ENJOY!

I'm  happy to link up with my friends who host these awesome blog hops...

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  1. Oh boy, does this ever look good! I just described a picture on my blog today of trees in the frost as "marshmallow cream." What is it with marshmallow cream falling onto my path today? I must be craving it! :)

    1. Oh my goodness, too funny.....
      I think you need to relax with a mug of Bailey's/Fluff/hot cocoa!
      Can't wait to read your Wednesday Peace Garden post tmrw:)
      Thanks for commenting, Roxane...xoxoxo

  2. Thanks for linking up, for mentioning us both in your post as well. YUM what a recipe!!

    1. You're so welcome, dawn and it's my pleasure...I give you gals a lot of credit for getting to all the bloggers and so quickly!
      Great hop, love it...



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