Friday, March 29, 2013

Artful Friday: Crucifixion Paintings

Welcome, friends, to my corner of the web today on this Good Friday.
Many of us are keeping online time limited~
This will be a short post with a quick and easy
 but lovely craft idea for this most holy day of our Liturgical Year.

For today's "Artful Friday" post, I'm sharing a craft idea 
for the Triduum that my kids created.
 I was lucky enough to find this   
at one of my favorite blogs, that of  
the always-creative Mom, Nancy, at Do Small Things with Love.
Nancy's creativity and generosity of idea sharing
 just emanates from my laptop when I'm open to her blog!

My kids created their crucifixion art yesterday 
while we boiled eggs for dying and 
finished the final chapter of our favorite Lenten read
And that was it for calm and creativity this week!
Have a crucifix, watercolors and paint pad in the house? 
Of course you do...
Pull   out  the art supplies and take your crucifix down for a few minutes.
 Within half an 
hour from set up to clean up, you're done.
 You'll have beautiful Easter artwork to display!

We did ours a bit differently than Nancy's method.

My little guy created his as such:

My older son decided to create his with specific coloring on either side of the cross .
He is the narrator  in our parish's living Stations of the Cross,
 which  the 7th graders will  present tonight. 
 The DRE has staged the Blessed Mother on Jesus's left, 
dressed in blue and Mary Magdalene on His right, in red. 
That's how he chose to bring color to his piece.
Also, he painted the paper first before tracing the crucifix.

Here's his artwork:

~The final piece~

Here they are, having some fun before heading out into the 
street to play stickball with neighbors.

Their artwork framed as centerpieces on our Good Friday table:

We'll move them onto the counter when we sit to eat.
On the menu: 
tilapia, mixed veggies, rice and Irish soda bread, 
before we head out to church for the Stations.

BY the way...All these craft and home photos were
snapped with this amazing camera, which

I received as Mother's Day gift from all my boys three years ago!
I love it...use it literally every day!!

Friends, have a blessed and beautiful Good Friday and  happy Easter!

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  1. Just beautiful Chris! So creative and meaningful! Have a blessed Good Friday! :)

    1. Thanks Tracy, for stopping over and for the compliment!
      These were so easy, fun and yes, meaningful! Nancy is just so creative!
      Happy Easter!

  2. Oh wow those are great. What a super idea. I would get those ones framed

    1. Hey there!
      Thanks for stopping in Anna Marie! I did buy frames actually last night when I was out Easter shopping...I should take a pic of them framed on on the table and post!
      Thank you!

  3. Both turned out really nice! Thanks for sharing!!
    Happy Easter!!
    xoxo Denise

    1. Thanks, Denise. for stopping in!!

      Happy Easter week to you and the family!

  4. They turned out wonderful! I love that used an actual crucifix to trace for the project! Your boys really did a great job.
    PS--I have been meaning to ask you for while now if you'd ever consider writing for my Saturday series, Mom, Woman of Faith. Check it out:

    Happy Easter!

    1. Nancy, THANK YOU for coming over to see YOUR idea!!
      You share such wonderful tricks and tips/craft ideas!
      And I have to say, I;m honored that you asked me to write for your series. That made my day! I will check out the link you provided this AM>
      Happy Easter week!


  5. What a beautiful idea, and they turned out simply wonderful. Thank you for sharing this. I'd love to try this with my son.

  6. Thanks for sharing on HammockTracks. I pinned this to my Easter board. I look forward to seeing what you are doing this week.

    1. Savannah, thank YOU for hosting your hop and the for the ability to link up there at your lovely blog!
      You have GREAT ideas on your boards...I enjoy perusing!
      Just need more time!

      Thanks, friend. Have a lovely week.

  7. Those are really beautiful! I love the water color effects. Thanks so much for sharing this crucifixion art project at Mom's Library!

    1. Thanks, Janine, for stopping in and commenting!!

      Have a lovely day!

  8. Wow, that is very effective, and even kids can do something substantial.

    I'm reminded of this watercolor which I've liked for a couple of years:

    1. Christian~
      How nice of yo to stop by and leave a comment!
      Thanks for the kind words....I went over to the blog you share and pinned that it...thanks for sharing that!

      Have a great night!

  9. This is beautiful! I'm pinning to remember for next Easter! Thanks for linking up at Bee Crafty Kids! :)

    1. You're so welcome, Dusty and thank YOU for hosting!

      Thanks for taking the time to stop in and comment!

  10. not being a religious family i clicked on your post in a link up mainly because i was intrigued. I'm so glad I did. Your boys have made some really beautiful art there. Hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.

    1. Thank you so much! Especially because your family is not religious, yours is a very kind and open minded comment!

      I appreciate that you stopped in!

      Have a good night!

  11. those are a great idea and came out very nice!

  12. The boys did a great job! They look wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words and for stopping in, jennifer!

  13. They turned out beautiful Chris, your son is very talented :)

    Thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays..

    1. Thanks so much, Claire, for stopping by!!

    2. Hi Chris, thanks for sharing at Creative Mondays last week :) featuring your sons great art work this week at the hop..

    3. I'm honored, Claire! Thank you SO very much!
      Happy Easter to you and your family!

  14. This is such a lovely idea and the boys' work is beautiful! I love artwork inspired by our Lord. My friend did a beautiful acrylic work of YHWH in blues and greens and I always remembered how beautiful it was!x

    1. Aw, thank you, Kezzie!!
      I so appreciate your visit and your kind words!!

  15. These are gorgeous, Chris! I might do this for myself this year just to see if I can be a little artistic.

    Thank you so much for sharing the post on the 40 Days of Seeking Him meme.

    1. Thanks Laura! Well they're super easy...I'm sure you'll enjoy the project and that they will turn out beautifully!!

      Thanks for stopping by!

  16. Chris, you have 2 talented artists there. These are beautiful and inspirational. Nancy is a friend and I agree, an an inspirational blogger . Have a blessed Easter and thanks for sharing at the This Is How We Roll Link Party on Organized 31.

    1. Thank YOU Susan!! I appreciate the visit---you've got a wonderful hop going!!

      xoxox Happy easter!

  17. That's stunning artwork Chris - thanks for joining us at Wordless Wednesday at Create With Joy this week! :-)


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