Friday, March 15, 2013

End of Week Thoughts: An Award, The Ides of March and a Giveaway

Good morning friends!
Welcome to my corner of the web on this lovely Friday in March!

Huge and proud news  around my son's award last night! I will be back over the weekend with  photos  and story on the award ceremony. We're extremely proud of his efforts around the project that he submitted to the diocesan Respect Life Youth Awards.  Last  evening was inspirational and full of promise!

Here's one shot of my sweetie, though, from last night. This was right before he headed up  onto the stage and boy was he nervous:

He was thrilled to be part of the evening's events!

So, some of you know that I've been devoting Fridays to The Arts in our homeschool. Well, this week, I've had to abandon my Artful Friday post,  as we've all been down with colds, bronchitis  and such. Not much creativity was brewing this week! In fact if we were up to snuff, we'd have done some pi day activities yesterday and  we'd be reading selected sections of Julius Caesar today, in honor of The Ides of March, of course!

 Have you seen  this movie version  of the Bard's classic? Hubby and I are huge Brando fans. Huge. 'Streetcar Named Desire,'  'Guys and Dolls' and of course 'The Godfather.'  If you have not seen him as Marc Antony, oh my, please do yourself a favor!

Have a  lovely weekend, friends and I do hope if you have not entered my book giveaway as of yet, that you head over to this post and do that now! It is ongoing til Sunday the 17th!

And please forgive me for not responding to your comments.  I'm beginning to recover from flu  and I know I will be able to reply to all soon. I love all  your comments though and very much appreciate them.

~God bless~
Until next time,



  1. Chris,

    Congrats again on your son's award! I'm glad everyone was well enough to go and I look forward to seeing all the pics from the ceremony! I have not seen the JC movie that you mentioned (shame on me!) I need to get more into JC with my kids and for myself! I hope you are feeling better!

  2. GREAT that you made it. Loved seeing that photo with the boutiniere!


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