Thursday, March 21, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ March 21st

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round button chicken

Our magnolia, as the surprise two inches of snow quietly dropped.
Monday 3/18

My guy, right before his name is called as he heads up onstage to win his award
Thursday, 3/14

Our red eared slider, otherwise known as 
"My little sweetie pie," "Cutie Patootie," or "Our baby," has  personality!
She swims to the edge of the tank 
 ( set up in the sunny dining room) when we gather to eat, stares at us and begs for treats by 'standing' on 'hind' legs/paws. 
She falls asleep in the palms of our hands, too.
Who knew reptiles could be so lovable/cute/hilarious?
Friday 3/15

<<<The video has been temporarily removed so that my son can place a watermark on it>>
Thanks for understanding...

As real as it gets.

 The video my son created for our diocesan Respect Life committee.
 In this culture of death in which our children are being raised,
 youth who have a heart for life, from conception to natural death, are our future.
They will be the voice of the pro life movement.
And thank God for them.
Please, enjoy his creation.
My husband and I find it touching and heartfelt.
Real and relevant.

Thank you for stopping by,  friends.

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  1. Your son's video is absolutely beautiful and so touching! May I share it somtime on my blog?
    Bravo for his work and for you, the parents, that nuture so lovingly.

    ps - the little turtle is cute!

    1. Hi Valerie...
      Thanks so much, friend for the kindness....I am heading over to your blog to leave you a note...
      Take care, friend....xoxoxo

  2. Fantastic video no wonder he won!!! Your turtle is cute I didn't know they had personalities but it would make it fun to see.

    1. Hi there Ann Marie:)
      THANKS so much for the kind words...:)

  3. A wonderful video. I can see why you are so proud! Absolutely awesome!!

    1. Mary
      THANK YOU so much for stopping in for your kind words....:)
      Have a lovely night, friend....


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