Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real ~ March 27th

Good morning, friends and welcome to my little spot on the web today!
~Our pretty, our happy, our funny and our real this week~

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~ 
Thanks to Like Mother, Like Daughter, for hosting.
round button chicken

Only three lessons so far, but he really does sound lovely!
The kids seem to have an 'ear' for music.
I hear tell that Easter baskets may be laden with some violin 'classics' sheet music.
Can't wait!

You know it~
 As Boardwalk and Park Place go, so goes the game......
I was not the proud owner of these  lodging establishments.
So, yeah, I lost.

What's that, you say?
Pizza is not funny?
A child's homemade pizza that he worked hard to concoct  
and  is excited about sharing?
Not funny?
Well, you weren't here this weekend when we cut into his library cooking class pizza!
Oh my. 
Very funny.
Worst pizza ever!
Good grief, it was bad.
Cut picture though.

Passion Sunday mass procession.
Our choir boy is shockingly, one of the oldest in the children's choir this year.
How did that happen?
He got to lead the procession up the aisle, because he tells me.....
 the director says he 
"knows what's going on."
And yes, the kid's on top of things.
Where would I be without this boy?
Love that. Love our church, our choir director, her hard work and of course,
love our Lord.
Beautiful, moving mass. 
These kids are amazing.

I thank you for stopping in today and I hope that
 wherever the day takes you,  it is peaceful  and happy.
Have a  wonderful day and a blessed Triduum.

 Until next time,



  1. Cute pictures and post! :) Have a blessed Holy Thursday and love the new blog layout! :)

    1. Hey Tracy!
      THANK YOU for stopping in and for the help with blogger design!
      Have a wonderful Holy Thursday

  2. Hi Chris!

    Precious pictures. Thank you for sharing with us. Ooooh, sheet music for the violin...I love those kind of Easter Bunny gifts!!!!



    1. Valerie!
      Thank you for stopping over...
      Have a very Happy Easter!

  3. You got one learning the violin how wonderful. I am making mine learn the piano and both seem to have a ear for it. My daughter wants to try a wind instruments next, maybe in a year or two we will add it in

    1. Hey there!
      Yesm they're both learning violin and loving it! Finding it "easy."

      Thanks Anna Marie for stopping over!

  4. Isn't wonderful to watch our children bloom? Thanks for sharing this happy glimpse of your family at NOBH!

    1. Kim, THANKS for stopping in and saying hi!
      Have a lovely day!


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