Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Giveaway: In Honor of 10,000 Page Views!

Hi there, friends, and welcome!

I hope this weekend finds you well and enjoying a 
peaceful and/or productive weekend....
whichever you need most right now!

So...we are having a super busy day filled with 
household projects, spring-ish cleaning inside and out,
baseball, baseball and more baseball....!
But I wanted to drop in, say hello,
and mention a little giveaway I'm having
that I'm excited about......

I found that nifty little page view counter
( over on the left)
 kind of intriguing 
on a fellow blogger's page
and so I installed it on my sidebar, as well.
I noticed that the visitors were tallying up! 
Faster than I'd have expected!

When I installed it, I believe the views were in the 6000s.
Before I knew it,
 it was rapidly approaching the 10,000 mark.
Thank you for visiting.
Thank you so much, friends, for making my blogging experience so worthwhile,
so meaningful,
so full of friendship and fun
over the past
since I've been blogging!

I began my blog in hopes of keeping myself "focused" as a writer and 
as a homeschooling mom maintaining some order and purpose on our journey.
I love writing,
and note taking.
 I thought a blog would be a lot of fun to start.
I truly did not think that it would become 
such a rewarding experience and that I'd be graced with  such dear friends.
Friends from across the country and around the globe!

How I wish we could gather in my kitchen,
right now even,
over a cup of tea!

Soooooo, in  honor of all those who've stopped in whether fleetingly or regularly,
 and brought the counter to what it is
(and believe me, no one is more surprised that I am
that you actually and purposely click over to my spot!)....
I'm giving away a couple of curriculum-related
homeschool-ish books.

I'm thinking that since many of us are now
in the mindset of planning for the 2013-2014 school year,
these resources that my kiddos have "outgrown,"
might really be appreciated by some readers.

The winning titles are:



( hardcover )

~ Two books, two winners ~
One winner per title

Here are the details~~ 

1. Share the giveaway.....
Blog it, tweet it, FB it, G+ it. Any means of sharing.:)

2. If you are not already a subscriber, please subscribe to my blog's feed. 
Only active blog subscribers are eligible to win.

3. Please leave me a comment letting me know:
- that you'd like in on the giveaway and which title you'd like to win.
-where you shared the giveaway
-the beginning of your email addy so I know who's who on my feedburner page
 (unless it's obvious, of course! )
                                           That's it!

4. The giveaway is open for one week.
You can  enter immediately through Sunday night, May 5.

 The winner will be announced right here on Tuesday May 7.

Good luck, friends!

And thank you once again!

Have a lovely day and I will see you tomorrow for RAnn's Sunday Snippets hop!

 Until next time,



  1. Congratulations on 10,000 page views! I am grateful to be a reader of your blog and for your friendship. What a great giveaway. I'm sure you'll get a good response. (my kiddos will all be older than this age, as well, so I won't be entering, but I wanted to wish you much luck with it!) Have a blessed Sunday, friend! Much love and prayers, Lisa xo

  2. Congratulations! I tweeted about your giveaway. I've been using the Core Knowledge series since kindergarten and I'm interested in the third grade edition. The beginning of email address is "wander".

  3. Glad I found you!! I'm interested in the second grade edition.

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