Friday, April 5, 2013

Artful Friday: A Few Resources~The Great Composers

Good morning  friends....
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 on the web today!

I hope your Easter week was productive, fun and memorable!

We delved a bit into our beloved John Paul the Great this week
 in honor of his anniversary.
Found a pearl of his wisdom which we absolutely love:

"Not all are called to be artists in the specific sense of the term.
All men and women are entrusted 
with the task of crafting their own lives.
In a certain sense, they are to make of it a work of art, a masterpiece."

Perfect words from an artist turned priest.
How have we missed this?
It's now one of my favorites of his gems.
We have a special affinity for Blessed JPII in our family.
I write about being blessed to be in the presence of the saint here.

In my  'Artful Friday' post today,
there are a few notable resources  I found 
 that I'd love to share with you.~

~Violin Classics~
The kids are  plugging away at piano and violin lessons.
Working hard, getting frustrated at times, but having fun mainly.
I really love that they are learning together 
and helping one other. 
What a good thing.
What a true blessing that they have this to share,
 to encourage and to assist each other.
Despite the notable difference in their interests and ability levels,
 as well as the almost three year age span, the violin is a shared ground.
Little moments here and there give me a glimpse into a future  
that I hope holds them as best friends.

The "strings" posts above refer to a few violin
 materials that their teacher is using with them.

Additionally, this book has been a ton of fun for them and a confidence-booster.

Learning about the masters does that, no?

The Easter Bunny placed a copy in each of their baskets.
Since then, the reminiscent strains 
 of Pachelbel's Canon and  Vivaldi's "Spring" can be heard!
Just a bit of the familiar right now!

Musicians'  "stories"
This one's a scream!
"Good Times, Bad Times and What the Neighbors Thought"
If that subtitle doesn't grab the kids 
for the inside scoop on the masters...
What they ate, what they wore, their habits and more.
From the Baroque period's Vivaldi to 
folk music's Woody Guthrie.


I just placed the order this week for Dover's Great Composers Coloring Book 
for the kids to enjoy  while they're  listening to the greats on CD
(we get tons of music CDs from the library!) 
....or during a quick read aloud from the  above Lives of the Musicians

              We've been reading "mini"composers' biographies in 
                                      at the end of the school day while dinner cooks 
and before we run off to  evening commitments. 


Friends, here are a few 'Artful Friday' posts  in case you'd like to 
dust off something from the archives:

 ( knitting, winter crafts, the theater and piano)

Thank you so very much for stopping in!
We've another busy day of school ahead, as I am sure do you!
Followed by a gathering at the home of friends. 
The baseball season begins tomorrow and 
"the boys of summer" are quite excited to get their games on around here!

Have a wonderful, fun weekend!

 Until next time,



  1. Thank you for this lovely post, especially since we've started studying two famous artists and two famous composers per month; you have posted some books I am going to try to get my hands on.


    1. Good for you! It's hard to make time for this arts, isn't it!?

      THANK YOU, Denice, for stopping in and saying hi!

      I miss you!


  2. I love this post! So full of great info for teaching something that I know little about- other than that I love the violin and Pachelbel's Canon!
    Thanks for linking up to Friendship Friday!

    1. Sylvia, thank you for the kind words and for clicking over to visit.

      I'm with you, Sylvia...learning much of The Arts along with my kids as well!

      Thank you for hosting your Fri hop. I so enjoy clicking over to the others who have linked.

  3. Always looking for new music and art resources! Thanks for sharing with us over at NOBH!

    1. You're so welcome, Heidi!~

      Thank YOU for stopping in!


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