Thursday, April 25, 2013

Theme Thursday ~ Sky

Hi there and welcome to my little spot on the web!
 I'm so happy to link up today with 
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This week's theme is SKY and boy do we have sky shots...
We've  snapped so very many.
I think the timeless beauty,
 whether from our own yard, 
the ball field or halfway across the country,
has us enamored.

Sunrise, a late June morning, 2012.
We're about to cross the
 Throgs Neck  Bridge
and head west for our trip cross country.
LI Sound on the right and (unseen) East River on the left

Interstate 90, somewhere in Indiana.
July 2012
My girlfriend took this shot and made it the cover picture
 on a photo album she complied for us for Christmas!
She went into my fb photo album and sent a bunch to Walgreen's 
to make us  a stunning book!
We're so lucky.
Everyone should have a friend like Lois.

A placid South Dakota sky,
a day later
July 2012

Skies over Yellowstone,
just an hour or so following  a huge thunderstorm
July 2012

and over the Grand Tetons.,
the same day.

Sunset over the prairie,
right off the interstate 
July 2012

Isn't the gorgeous blue behind the Washington Monument just perfect?
Aug 2009

One of my favorite pix ever...
sunset over a cannon on Gettysburg Battlefield,
right near the copse of trees where
Confederate General Amistad fell
A huge hero to me.
 His devotion to the cause.....?
It defines bravery

So because of where this shot was taken and 
because of the captivating sunset,
I just love this!
I almost didn't snap it because we were wrapping up a loooong day 
touring the battlefield with a 6 and an 8 year old
 and were piling into the car to head home.

But I needed just one more.

Over the soccer field
Autumn of 2010
I was so focused on Timmy's game and hardly noticed the
beauty overhead that gorgeous early Fall morning
 til my older son pointed out how unusual and pretty it was!

Just a lovely sunset .....
a December in late afternoon.
Taken from our front stoop

Thanks so very much, friends, for stopping in to glance at our "skies."
And thank you, Cari, for hosting!

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Quick Takes/Artful post 
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Have a lovely and peaceful day!
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  1. Wonderful pictures! My favorite is the Grand Teton one. What a beautiful sight that must have been.

    1. Laura
      I do love the Teton shot as well! T beauty of the sky adds so much power to the whole feeling!

      Thanks for your kind words!


  2. Strangely, I like the December one! LOL...even though I had enough of winter for sure...still, it's beautiful!
    xoxo Denise

    1. Yes the Dec sunset is gorgeous!

      Thanks Denise for stopping in!!

  3. Gorgeous!! Such variety in something so "simple" as sky.

    1. Thank you so much, Cathy!
      I appreciate you stopping in and leaving a little 'hello.'

      have a lovely day...

  4. I seriously feel like I just took a road trip with you. My family drove across country when I was 13. I will never forget it. Very very cool.


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