Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Wordless Wednesday ~ Magnolia

 Yes, my favorite tree ever...
The site of which speaks of home to me.

Good morning, friends and welcome to Wordless Wednesday! 

I'm forever reminded by my tree,
 no matter the season or the blooms, 
 of  Helen Deutsch's poem,
"The White Magnolia Tree" ~

And the white magnolia grew and grew,
Holding our love within its core,
And every year it bloomed anew.

It's not a favorite poem of mine, truthfully, 
but the theme of a family's growth over time is compelling and of course,  
anything magnolia-related touches my heart. 
Who knew that the scraggly bush dumped in our front yard when we bought our home 17 years ago would come to be so loved and so significant? 

Thank you, friends, for stopping in today!

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Have a wonderful day!
 Until next time,



  1. Magnolia trees smell soooo sweet! Happy WW :)

    ~ Jill

    1. THANK YOU, Jill, for stopping over and for hosting!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Nancy!!

      Have a lovely day, friend!

  3. They are one of natures beauties!! Thanks! Hope you can stop by Tasty Spot Tuesday
    Oh! My Heartsie WW w/Linky
    Have a great week!

    1. Karren,
      Thanks for stopping in and saying hi!
      I appreciate, also, the invit to link to your T and W hops.!
      I'll def note them and add your badges to my sidebar when I get a minute. How nice of you!

      Have a great day....:)

  4. Very pretty Chris! Love the bright white of the petals. My favorite spring blooming tree is the Lilac tree. The lovely scent is so fresh and beautiful! In fact, I use BBW lilac scented wallflowers n my home. I enjoy it that much!

    1. Oooh, I love lilac as well!
      Beautiful scent!

      Thanks Noreen....have a great day, friend...

  5. Hi Chris! Magnolias are not a North Dakota flower, but they are so very lovely! What a testament to hope that you saved this busy and now, it is thanking you by blooming. Gorgeous!

    1. Hey Roxane...
      Thank you so much....I never really had an affinity for magnolia til we moved in and I began to see its beauty in every season.
      The blooms are SO short lived though!

      Have a lovely day, friend....


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