Thursday, May 30, 2013

Theme Thursday: "Self Portrait" 5/30/13

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Since today's theme is "self portrait,"
 I could not help but think of these
notable artists and their self portraits:

Two of my favorites:

Van Gogh Self-Portrait

reprinted from Van Gogh Gallery

reprinted from 

My self portrait?
That'd be a stick figure!
So as you can see, I took the easy way out
 today for my themed fun!

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(awesome resources on van Gogh here, btw!)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

DIY Celebrate Someone Special: Create a Birthday Tree!


In my recent posts around my son's birthday,
I refer to our "Birthday Tree" 
which is a celebratory ritual of  our family's.
( ~The 13th birthday tree is pictured below.~ )
A few readers and friends have expressed interest in the tree
 and so, here are a few details on the easy  
and absolutely gorgeous creation you can make with little effort and expense.
And of course, the reason it'll be gorgeous is  because of
 your kids' smiling, beautiful photos
 through the years will adorn it!

One of my kids' birthdays is in December 
and he adores anything Christmas - related. 
 So, wanting to create something unique for him, 
I decided that decorating a tree in his honor would be perfect.

It was a hit with everyone; so now I make a tree
regardless as to the 'season!'

There are as many ways  to craft the tree as there are crafters! 
I've done it differently each time and  I'll fill you in on the details.
Here's what you need:

1.The Tree~
 Begin with a 3 foot tall (or so) tree.
It'll be a little hard to find at this time of year!! 
Michael's and Walmart will have them on display
 beginning in October though, right?!
You can get one here on amazon, if you  have a 
special person's birthday before then and  can't wait:

2. Choose a photo from each year of your child's life~

Look through your memory cards, computer files, etc,
 and choose one birthday photo per year of your little cutie.
I know; I know. 
Hard to do, finding just one.
Confession: For my son's 10th birthday tree last December, 
I had a really hard time narrowing it down.... 
For two of his birthdays, there are 3 photos each !!

I keep a folder labelled "Birthday pictures" 

 on my computer so that each year,
 I can just copy and paste the current year's shot right in and be up to date.

3. Print~
Each photo can be printed in  wallet size at your favorite photo "shop."
I use
Never had trouble with them.
They're super cheap, the quality's good
 and they deliver right to your front door.
4. Frame
Slip each photo in a  tiny wallet sized plastic frame.
I use these
They'll have little magnetic strips on the back,
 but that's fine.
You can easily pick them up at Micheal's too.

5. Number~
Adorn each framed photo with the year (or age.)
I bought a batch of these stickers.
I really love how the Sticko silver glitter numbers 
shimmer on each birthday picture!
Now you're ready to decorate your tree!

6. Hang~
Punch a hole in the corner of each frame.
Hang on the tree with fancy shimmery ribbon.

Offray Sparkle Tulle Craft Ribbon, 6-Inch by 25-Yard Spool, Silver

7. Affix the "Star" ~

Bedeck the top of the tree with your child's new age.
I purchased these"number sprays"
 individually at our local party store.
You can buy them here as well.

They're long and intended  for centerpieces; 
so you'll need to tie them into the tree's center with ribbon.
Sweet 16 Centerpiece Sprays (Dozen)
And voila!
Your tree is completed and it's  beautiful!!
Congratulations on a job well done!

Additional touches for your tree:

~  Happy Birthday sign~

Decorate  scrapbook paperwith  fancy
"Happy birthday!" lettering.
Jolee's Boutique Paper Pad, Red Papier
I love Joelle's Boutique stickers for this kind of thing.
Jolee's Boutique Dimensional Stickers, Happy Birthday
In the photo of the "13" tree above,

 I used plain baby blue  circular paper.

~Personalize /adorn with symbols
 of your child's interest
or hobbies~
Here's a shot of my son's 11th birthday tree 
to show you what I mean:

And the star on our recent 13th birthday tree~

You can choose to create "ornaments" or "charms" to symbolize

 a sport, art, hobby or interest that your child holds dear.

A few shots of the birthday ornaments from my youngest son's

 tree which show his affinity for cards, camping,
the stage, music and our Faith, among others~~ 

Of course, the possibilities are limitless!
~Tree "skirt"~
Well, why shouldn't your birthday tree have one?
Because the tree  I use has an  unattractive plastic base, 
I picked up this table runner
at Dollar Tree!
Isn't it lovely?

It looks perfect draped around the base.Rubbermaid Commercial 3Q24 CLE Polypropylene 15 Quart Roughtote Clear Non-Latching Storage Box, Rectangular, 13.3" Width x 16.8" Depth x 5.3" Height, Clear

Storage of the tree ornaments~
We all know how birthday prep can sometimes be...
Fun and exciting, but stressful and crazy.
In order to have an easy time organizing the  tree for future birthdays, 
I store all the photos, number sprays, stickers, scrapbook paper and skirt
 in a Rubbermaid bin just like this so I have easy access.

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