Friday, May 10, 2013

7 Quick Takes: The "Lucky 13 Birthday Party" Edition

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Hi there!
Welcome to my little spot on the web today!
It's good to see you here!

 The teen years begin!
How on Earth did the years go so gosh darn fast?
How can my millennium baby possibly be a teen?
(Not officially til next week though....)
The party was last weekend.
And here I am, finally blogging the party.
In a Quick Takes post. 
How fun!

~ 1 ~

We also included a letter with the invitation requesting donations
 to a local life center.
K really just wanted friends here to celebrate, rather than to gather gifts:

We are quite proud of our almost-teen, 
to have developed this generous gift idea!
Raising children who are pro life 
in our culture of death is a true blessing.

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~  2  ~
The Birthday Tree

This is more "fitting" for my other son's birthday,
 which is in mid December!
Here's what I do
I hang one photo of each birthday in a 
teeny wallet-sized photo frame.
Cuteness x 13 pictures!!

All his birthday photos in one spot? 
The birthday boy loves it as well.
Or maybe it's just because I keep asking,
"So. Do you love your birthday tree?"

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~ 3 ~ 
The Cake 

Chocolate on chocolate!
I made the white chocolate 13
as a cake topper.
So easy and pretty.

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~ 4 ~
The Guests

We've known most of these kids since they were toddlers.
The others,  for 5+ years.
How lucky to have such good friends from awesome families!

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~ 5 ~
The Goodies

The favors were these classic circus-y popcorn cups with "lucky" goodies:
poker chips, decks of cards, dice.
Also, popcorn, packages of flower seeds...because it's spring, why not?
And the dark chocolate "13," 
which I made using a simple # mold and 
Wilton melting wafers purchased at Michael's.

All the faves of the birthday boy:
Chocolate covered pretzels, twizzlers, skittles, chips/dip and pizza rolls.
I printed out "K's Lucky 13" 
for each serving dish,  to give the table an even more festive look.

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~ 6 ~
The Decorations

We strung colored Christmas lights over the banister .
How festive and pretty it looked that night!

Little bro helps decorate:

Balloons hung from strings of 
clear Christmas lights! The backyard had a festive look that night!

And, of course:
The Tree:

Vintage Spring divider

~ 7 ~
The Birthday Kid, himself:
DJ Cato

 ( Hunger Games fan that he is.)

that we had several months ago is here.

Friends, thank you for stopping in to share in our celebration!

Thank you to Jen for hosting Quick Takes!

I hope this day finds you peaceful and happy!

 Until next time,



  1. Adorable ideas and God bless your handsome teen!

    1. Allison~
      Thank you for the kind words!

      Love it that you stopped in...:)

  2. Great looking decorations and festivities! :) Sorry I'm late dropping in, but I found this post via your creative cupcake post. Love the sprinkle trim idea :)

    1. Hey, thanks, Tra! Yup, aren't those cupcakes festive and yet easy?

      Thanks for visiting!!


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