Friday, May 24, 2013

Artful Friday: Les Mis History and Music Activities:

Welcome to another Artful Friday!

Hope all is well in your corner of the world today.
Just stopping in to share a little
 music (Schonberg and Trevor Nunn )
and literary history (Victor Hugo ) today.

prostitutes, homeless revolutionaries, factory workers, student rebels, you say?
In the context of Schonberg's score and Nunn's adaptation,
 with the backdrop of early 19th century seeds of redemption and revolution.
 This is what we've been immersed in  this week.

Our history curriculum timeline coincided beautifully 
with my younger son's appointment
 to audition for the role of Gavroche in a local production of
Les Miserables!

Did you know that in the musical, 
Gavroche is a random beggar,
 but in Hugo's novel, he is the son of the "Master of the House," Thernadier?

Yup, the strains of "Look Down"
and "Little People" can be heard 'round here and 'round the clock!
Very honestly, it has been  enriching.
If he does get a role, of course, that'd be magical.
If not, we were all enriched by the music and the history.
With  audition,
comes the very real presence of rejection.
There have been more rejections than roles around here.
But preparation for an interview, an audition?
Background knowledge?
That's what it's all about.

Here are a few of the resources
 that have been perfectly awesome
in getting acquainted with the 
characterization, setting, theme and, of course, the music:

Les Miserables
the paperback edition

The DVD Highlights~
The 10th Anniversary Dream Cast in Concert?
 Beyond words

The Original Broadway Soundtrack on CD

Vocal/Piano Selections
Highlights of the score 
so that he can play the melody and have the lyrics handy:

Les Miserables:
The 2012 movie musical

Ok, we have a hard and fast PG 13 "rule," 
which may need revisiting, now that our oldest IS actually, well, 13.
But since my younger guy is 10, he will not be watching the movie version.

So, my Timmy  practiced  for a little while the other night,
 under the guidance of our parish organist, 
who he knows well from accompanying the children's choir.
Timmy asked J if he would mind listening to part of
 "Little People" and perhaps give him a tip or two.
J. decided that yes, he can give a few pointers, since he has played the show a number of times in community theater and  knows it quite well!

So here they are, the other night:

As you can see, he's really just having fun with it!
Although, he likes to joke that he is auditioning for a role off -  Broadway.
(About 40 miles off!)

And he's aware too, of the circumstances of Gavroche's 
tragic demise at the barricade.

Here are a few artsy, theater-y, music-y posts
 from my Artful Friday series.
In case you'd like to dust off something from the archives~

 ( knitting, winter crafts, the theater and piano)

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Edited on June 17, 2013:
Friends who've asked me to keep you posted on how the audition went~~
Well, he felt he did "okay" and actually DID get a callback!!
Five  of the 30 + kids who initially auditioned for the role of
 Gavroche were asked to return!
He was psyched.
Alas, he was n-o-t offered the role after that call -back .....
He was bummed for a little bit and then realized
 that other audition opportunities will arise....

Thanks for your interest!

Have a great day.


  1. Hope the audition went well! When will you find out if he made it. I was always too shy as a child to act in a play. I was more of a chorus gal.

    1. Hey Monique,
      It's not til next week.....:)

      hey, me too, as a kid!!

      Thanks for stopping in, friend, to say HI!

  2. Great resources! I hope your son gets a part! What a great experience that would be. Keep us posted!

    1. Sylvia
      Thanks for the encouragement! will do!

      And thanks for stopping in!

  3. My second oldest son played Gavroche years ago when he was 14 (but looked ten). He did a great job and we thoroughly enjoyed Les Mis. I have seen several professional productions and also the movie. Music is beautiful but it's a dark movie. God bless, Chris!

    1. Wow,Ellen...that's impressive...good for him!
      Yes, it definitely IS dark...absolutely.

      Ellen thank you for stopping in!

  4. What a great experience! I hope he gets it! Make sure to let us know what happens! And thanks for linking up to Teach Me Tuesday at Preschool Powol Packets!!

    1. Thanks Carla, for the words of encouragement!
      It was a great experience for him!

      Thank you for hosting!


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