Saturday, May 18, 2013

Happy Birthday, Blessed JP II !

Now, this is a  hero:

And he's our hero.

Yes, we love  Francis.
Yes, we love  Ben XVI.

But there's something about our man, JPII,
 that is just so....
so defining,
 so majestic,
so real.

And we miss him.

Maybe it is because he shepherded my generation to adulthood.
Landmark moments in my life can be recalled 
by where JPII was,
 what he said, 
the look on his face, 
the homily he gave, 
the kissing of the ground in a specific country, on a specific day.
He's a tough act to follow.

He defines the papacy and Catholicism to me.
And to my kids.
Although they were only 5 and 2 when he died.
Because his story, his legacy, his mercy, his life and his works 
live on in our home.

In one year, my oldest will be confirmed.
His chosen confirmation name?


I discuss being in the presence on JPII on several occasions.
There's a few pictures of the pontiff 
in Rome, '96, 
at Aqueduct Racetrack in Queens, '95 ( Yes, mass on The Track!)

It's epic and if you have not yet seen it, go and do.
This weekend.

There's grand party in heaven today, wouldn't you say?

Thank you for stopping in today, friends!

 Until next time,


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