Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pretty Happy, Funny, Real~ The Wisteria, Birthday, Catenary Arch, Memorial Day Approaches Edition 5/23/13

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<<  pretty >>
Wisteria gracefully draped over our backyard play set.
(which the boys have did THAT happen?)

My 'baby' at his  IHOP breakfast birthday celebration.
I chronicled the first birthday of his teen years here.

My little guy and his friends building this catenary arch 
at a hands on Brookhaven National Lab class.
Wow, it took many hands, lots of collapsing, 
lots of laughs and lots of being pelted by the (padded) blocks!
They did it.

It doesn't get any more real than this.
As Memorial l Day approaches.
Or any day.
My Dad in Manila, 1943.
My piece, Always Hope:

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  1. Thanks for sharing the pics! That wisteria is BREATHTAKING!

    1. Thanks, Nancy!
      It is pretty, isn't it? Too bad its blooming time is so short!

      Thank you for stopping in!


  2. I love all of the photos! I am really impressed with that arch! Wow. :-)

    Hope you have a great Thursday. God bless! Lisa

    1. Thanks for stopping in and saying hi, Lisa! Yup, they had fun and were proud that they actually got it to stay together!


  3. Hey Chris! My fav was your son with his pile of pancakes and huge smile, though I do love spring flowers too. Happy days are here, it's spring! :)

    1. Thank you, Rox!
      And hey, you...more than anyone I know must be ready for spring after that long No Dakota winter!

      Thanks for stopping to say hi!


  4. Oh my! That wisteria is so beautiful!
    Great picture of your father...God bless!

    1. Thank you SO much...I know; isn't it gorgeous?
      And, yes, it's a classic shot of Dad.....God bless you as well, friend
      I appreciate that you stopped in!!

      Have a great night!

  5. Wisteria
    by Michael Guy

    Purple Mystery
    Mysterious Wisteria
    Purple lady mysterious,
    Drooping lovely over me,
    Your hair dropping petals to the wind.

    You wane upon my window sill
    And shed your life with grace
    With every fallen purple flower
    I watch each passing face.

    Wisteria, fragrant with loveliness
    fragrance so delirious
    Wisteria, purple lady mysterious,
    Fleeting as the days of spring....

    Does time not take its toll?
    Die with grace & beauty
    For death can't touch your Soul.

    1. Love this, Denice. It is truly perfect.Wow.
      THank you.

      Emailing you now...was just thinking of you guys last night.


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